Delicate and Amazing Gift – BBG Halloween Party 2011

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2011 BBG Halloween Party

With the approach of Halloween, are you more and more nervous and excited like me? What will you do on this year's Halloween? Dress up as a ghost to play tricks on your friends? Or play your favorite game at home? As we usually do, we'll join hands with game companies to present you with a delicate and amazing gift – BBG Halloween Party 2011 on this year's Halloween.

In the Party, you can not only enjoy Halloween with numerous BBGsiters, but also play the games to your taste. A wide variety of prizes will be waiting for you too! Please note that tons of currently sought-after browser games will be introduced into the Party. Wanna know what they are? Check below:

Part 1 - Who's the Greatest Joker?
Part 2 - The Sims Social – Decorate Your Room, Win Free Facebook Credit
Part 3 - Crystal Saga - Try to Be the First (Prize: Genbu mount; Dragon Coins; Dragon Hunt wheel; )
Part 4 - Pockie Ninja Gift Package Giveaway (Prize: Super Pack; Apple; Candy )
Part 5 - Immortal King Halloween Gift Key Giveaway (Prize: 10 orders ,20 exp rolls ,5000 Silver and 1 scepter (willow scepter ) )
Part 6 - Halloween Frenzy! - War of 2012 Gift Package Giveaway (Prize: Coupon; Resource Ticket; Premium Membership; Blue Hero Orb (Bound); Blue Equipment Set (Bound) )
Part 7 - Chronicles of Merlin - Collect New Server Packs (Prize: 50 Gold)
Part 8 - Shadowland Online Halloween Gift Giveaway (Prize: $15 Value of Gift Package )
Part 9 - Empire Rising - Haunted Empire Giveaway (Prize: Accelerated Construction; Healing Potion(Small); Craftsman Covenant (1 Day); Resources Truck (Small) )
Part 10 - Clash of kingdoms Halloween Gift Packs Giveaway (Prize: Crescent Pearl X5; Craftsmen's Manual I X5; Wooden Token X1; Mithril X3; Martial Strategies X5 )
Part 11 - A Mystical Land Halloween - 100 Crowns Giveaway (Prize: 100 Crowns )
Part 12 - Happy Halloween, Happy Naviage! - BBGSite Halloween Special Event(Prize: Construct Fragment×[2]; Research Fragment×[2]; Acolyte's Gossip×[2]; Construct Drawing×[1] ... )

Luring, right? Wonder what the details of these interesting events are? So, don't hesitate! Come with me, and jump into the BBG Halloween Party 2011!

Event Duration: 2011.10.28 ~ 2011.11.07

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