Crystal Saga: A Series of Activities for Celebrating Halloween

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Crystal Saga


Duration: 10/27 - 11/3
Server: All Servers
Description: Come trick-or-treat Crystal Saga style between 10/27 and 11/3 and receive your share of loot! Login each day and receive the following prizes:

  • Health Orb (Bound) x 2
  • Mana Orb (Bound) x 2
  • 1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x 2


Duration: 10/27 - 11/3
Server: All Servers
Description: Kill Lvl 30 or higher mobs to collect as many Pumpkins as you can. Pumpkins can be exchanged at the Event Master in Starglade for a wealth of nifty prizes!

  • 10 Pumpkins = 1 piece of Candy, containing numerous free gifts.
  • 30 Pumpkins = 1 Torch (Bound), used to build a Bonfire.
  • 500 Pumpkins = Gorilla Titan (7 Days)


You may only apply for Gorilla Titan ONCE, Candies 10x per day and Torch 5x per day.

3 Halloween Parade of Angels and Demons

Duration: 10/27 – 11/3
Server: All Servers
Description: As Halloween nears, King Valcroy has summoned all demons, teekas and angels to join forces for the good of Viladalia! Bring your angel and/or demon to the Event Master in Starglade and receive the following rewards:

  • Angel = Morph Crystal x 18
  • Demon = Morph Crystal x 18
  • Teeka = Morph Crystal x 18
  • Super Angel = Morph Crystal x 42
  • Super Demon = Morph Crystal x 42
  • Fire Lord = Morph Crystal x 42
  • Burning Angel = Maturity Whip x 30, Training Potion x 20
  • Demon King = Maturity Whip x 30, Training Potion x 20

4 It's a Package Deal!

Duration: Two Weeks
Server: All Servers
Description: During this event, players may receive a special discount on select item packages. These packages include Mount Upgrade Tokens, Greater Mount Upgrade Tokens, Pet Eggs (Angel, Demon, Teeka and Fire Lord) and Morph Crystals. Take advantage of the these packages before it’s too late!

5 It Pays To Consume

Duration: 10/27 – 11/3
Server: All Servers
Description: Use your Crystal to purchase items during this event and receive rewards, such as a Sand of Time, Enchant Skill Dust and Mount Upgrade Tokens! Rewards are based on total Crystals spent. Once you reach the requirements below, visit the Event Master in Starglade to receive your items!

500 Crystals:

  • 4x Offline EXP Token x 4 and Health Orb x 2
5,000 Crystals:
  • 4x Offline EXP Token x 4, Health Orb x 2, Heroic Wings x 8 and Mount Upgrade Token x 8
10,000 Crystals:
  • 4x Offline EXP Token x8, Health Orb x 4, Heroic Wings x 12, Mount Upgrade Token x 12, Socketing Rod x 30, Sands of Time, Pet Skill Slot Expander
30,000 Crystals:
  • Heroic Wings x 16, Mount Upgrade Token x 16, Fire Lord Egg x 20, Red Dragon Coin x 15, Moderate Enchantment Crystal x 12, Pet Slot Expander
60,000 Crystals:
  • Heroic Wings x 24, Mount Upgrade Token x 24, Morph Crystal x 24, Moderate Enchantment Crystal x 16, Black Dragon Coin x 15, Normal Gems (Level 4) Coupon x 3
90,000 Crystals:
  • Heroic Wings x 32, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x 32, Moderate Enchantment Crystal x 24, Black Dragon Coin x 20, Shining Gems (Level 5) Coupon x 3, Enchant Skill Dust
120,000 Crystals:
  • Heroic Wings x 48, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x 48, Maturity Whip x 30, Therion x 3, Epic Bloodforge Shard x 5, Enchant Skill Dust x 2
300,000 Crystals:
  • Hellwing (7 Days), Heroic Wings x 64, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x 64, Excellent Gems (Level 6) Coupon x 3, Therion x 6, Epic Bloodforge Shard x 8, Enchant Skill Dust x5

  1. Rewards may only be claimed once.
  2. Only Crystals spent during this event may only be applied to this event.
  3. Remember to redeem your prizes before the end of the event.

6 Halloween Graffiti

Duration: 10/31 – 11/2
Server: All Servers
Description: Show your Halloween spirit by posting creative Halloween-themed pictures in your respective server’s subforum and receive free stuff! Extra bonuses will be sent for those who incorporate Crystal Saga in their pictures.

  • All participants will receive Green Dragon Coin (Bound) x 5
  • Superior and creative submissions will be rewarded with an additional Red Dragon Coin (Bound) x 5
  • The best submissions will receive an additional Black Dragon Coin (Bound) x 5
Note: R2Games will evaluate all submissions on 11/4 and deliver all prizes within 3 business days thereafter. Good luck!

  1. Posts must include your character name, server name and picture.
  2. Pictures must be Halloween themed.
  3. Pictures must be original and not copied.
  4. Off-topic posts will be deleted.



  • Server: Aurora Point
  • Character Name: Candy

7 Guild Land Grab

Duration: Every Saturday, 20:00 Server Time
Description: Vidalian Pioneers have opened up new areas of Vidalia and we need you to protect them! Of course only the strongest and most successful guilds will be able to protect these newly opened areas. Throughout the week, guilds have the chance to obtain land grab points for a chance to be a protector. Every Saturday at 6pm, the two guilds with the most points will be eligible to compete for the chance to rule these new areas. The winner will gain possession of the new territories! May the best guild win!

Event Details:

  • Sign-ups begin at midnight on Sunday and end at 20:00 on Saturday.
  • Materials needed to gain land grab points can be obtained by killing dungeon bosses. The harder the dungeon, the more points that are up for grabs.
  • Guilds with 100 points or more will be documented and ranked at 18:00 on Saturday.
  • During the first week, the two guilds with the highest number of points will automatically be eligible for the Guild Land Grab Battle.
  • In subsequent weeks, the defending champions will be pitted against that week’s highest point gainer.
  • The runner-up from each round will maintain 10% of last week’s total. Land grab points and other stats for all other guilds will be reset.

Battle Basics
  • Enter the battleground by visiting the Land Grab Guru in Starglade.
  • A maximum of 15 players for each guild are allowed in.
  • Preparations begin at 20:00.
  • Battle begins at 20:30 and ends at 21:00
  • Respawn for each guild is located in the top right and left corners respectively.
  • All point towers start out as neutral. Neutral towers can be attacked and defeated to gain points.
  • Non-neutral towers that are attacked and defeated by opposing players will return to neutral.
  • The Battle will last for 30 minutes.
  • The guild who reaches 20,000 points first wins. If neither guild reaches 20,000, the guild with the highest amount of points wins.

First Round Bonus Rewards (10/29 Only):

First Prize:
  • Guild Master: 5000 Crystal.
  • All members: 100 Coupons.
  • Guild: All NPCs in Vidalia will bear the name of your guild.
  • All members of guilds with 100 points of more will receive 1 Hour AFK Card x 3

More details please visit Crystal Saga Official Website:



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