Happy Halloween, Happy Naviage!

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KeyWord: Naviage,Naviage event,Naviage Halloween Event

Happy Halloween, happy Naviage! 200% battle Standing and 200% sailing & battle experience help your navigators level up with double speed. All in shop items sales at discount price. Ghost ship with Orange and Purple items turns up in mysterious waters for you to defeat. Say trick or treat to every enemy ship on the sea! Let's move!

Naviage Halloween Event

[Event 1] Doubled Exp. Top Speed Uprising!

Duration: Oct. 28 11:00 – Nov. 11:00 (Server time)
Players earn 200% Exp. points by sailing and battling in event duration. Level up with doubled speed; never let your rivals catch your stern!

[Event 2] Scar is My Medal! Doubled Battle Standing!

Duration: Oct. 28 11:00 – Nov. 11:00 (Server time)
Players earn 200% Battle standing from dock wars, guild wars and encounter wars in the event duration. Battle standing is the only way to level up your guild, so never miss this chance!

[Event 3] Shop Discount! Incoming Super Value Storm!

Duration: Oct. 28 11:00 – Nov. 11:00 (Server time)
Halloween is a shopping day for sure! In event duration, mass of the in shop items sale at discount price. Skill chest, formation chests and consumable gems and speed up items, all on sale!

Items on sale:

Construct Blueprint; Construct Model; Research Notes; Research Secrets; King′s Reward Token; Holy Oil Of Sanctuary; Construct Notebook; Holy Tome; Smelting Gem; Rereviving Gem; Skill Chest; Formation Chest.

[Event 4] Ghost Fleet incoming! Secret suit waiting for you!

Duration: Oct. 28 11:00 – Nov. 11:00 (Server time)
In event duration, player with single charge 10000 contributions up will be awarded a secret chart in which sealed the location of Ghost Mine Field. Since great amount of mines laid in that area, we suggest player with 2500 ton up fleet to enter that area to prevent an unexpected long range swimming back.
Event awards:
Headless Horseman's Travelling Bag × [1], which contains Headless Horseman's suits.

The Headless Horseman's suits are:

Headless Horseman's Mourning LV25 Orange Command +50
Headless Horseman's Blade LV25 Orange Battle +50
Headless Horseman's Touch LV25 Orange Strategy +50
Headless Horseman's Death Mantle LV15 Purple Navigation +19
Headless Horseman's Icing Plate Mail LV15 Purple Command +19
Headless Horseman's Glistering Shin Guard LV15 Purple Battle +19
Headless Horseman's Emblem Ring LV15 Purple Bartering +19
Headless Horseman's Resentment Necklace LV15 Purple Explore +19
Headless Horseman's Niello Spur LV15 Purple Sailing +19
Headless Horseman's Terror Pendant LV15 Purple Raid +19



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