Naviage: Closed Beta Test Events for Halloween

Date: Oct 26 2011 01:18:19 Source: Official Site Views:
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As the official open of NAVIAGE is coming, so is the Halloween, Yeepgame is going to provide some great events for all the Navigators. Let’s sail the seven seas in this compelling exploration on Halloween Eve, and create your own empire in NAVIAGE.

Activity 1: Get Reward on Top Ranking

【Time】: 00:00 (Server Time), Oct. 28th – End of Beta Test

【Content】: As the official version of NAVIAGE is coming very soon, and also thanks for the support from all the yeepers, especially some players really try every effort to build their ocean empire in game. After the game opens, according to the updated ranking lists at the end of Beta Test, the top 10 players from the six ranking lists of Navigator, Fleet, Honor, Rich, Explorer and War Record in the game will be rewarded (Player who wins in multiple rankings can gain the accumulated rewards).

【Rewards】: 1st: Points*2000, Jolly Roger*5, Primary Exp. Card*3 2nd – 4th: Points*1000, Jolly Roger*3, Primary Exp. Card*1 5th – 10th: Points*500, Jolly Roger*1, Primary Exp. Card*1

【How to Get】: Rewards will be sent to players’ game account automatically, GM will confirm with each winner, and players please do not change your in game names after the game opens.

Activity 2: Login to Get Rewards

【Time】: 00:00 (Server Time), Oct. 28th – 00:00 (Server Time), Nov. 2nd

【Content】: During the Beta Test, all players who login the game will get this reward, once a day. Use those rewards to build up your own empire in the game.

【Rewards】: Points*4000 Primary Exp. Card*3 Jolly Roger*3 Construct Drawing*10 【

How to Get】: Click to get the reward after login.

Activity 3: Finding “Bugs”

【Time】: 00:00 (Server Time), Oct. 28th – End of Beta Test

【Content】: Making a perfect game needs help from all of you, let’s try to find all the bugs in the game and improve the game experience. Player should post bugs in the appointed thread. The In-game name, E-Mail address of player and the screenshot plus a brief description of the bugs are all needed. The reward pack will be sent after bug confirmation. This activity can be participated in repeatedly, but stealing other’s work is prohibited.

【Rewards】: Senior Exp. Card*2 Points*2000 Church Recovery Potion*3

【How to Get】: Reward would be sent to player’s account after the game officially opens.

Activity 4: Joining Yeepers QQ to Get Rerwards

【Time】: 00:00 (Server Time), Oct. 28th – End of Beta Test

【Content】: Yeepgame grows fast as with NAVIAGE, for showing warmly thanks to all of the yeepers, every player who joins Yeepers QQ Group will get the rewards; please click to see how to join Yeepers QQ Group.

【Rewards】: Point*2000 Construct Book*5

【How to Get】: Rewards will be delivered to players after joining the Yeepers QQ Group.



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