Harvest Halloween in Farmerama - Spooky and Fun

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At the end of October, when the days are shorter and the nights become foggier, publishers Bigpoint are trying to make the nighttime of Farmerama a bit spookier.


From October 27 to November 1, there is a week-long event held in Farmerama. During the event duration, two plants that you have never seen before start to grow in the pale moonlight of your main farm (only).

The Venus flytrap stretches its neck into the night sky and waits for its next meal. And from the new bush that is growing on the field, one thousand eyes are watching you.

During the harvest you will encounter strange, slimy sweets whose whereabouts you cannot explain. And who is the new, spooky neighbor who just moved into the frightening haunted house next door?

You may – if you are lucky – solve all of these riddles during the FARMERAMA Hallowe'en Week!

To help the players get into the spooky mood, Bigpoint also release some Halloween Wallpapers. Just choose one and let it take you into the Spooky night!

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