Millionair Legend to Hit HiThere on Oct. 25 (PDT)

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Millionair Legend

Hithere will have a brand new game -- Millionaire Legend unveiled on Oct. 25th, PDT.

This will be a beta test, during which all the items are free. You will receive necessities every day. This is the best time for you to get familiar with this new game.

About the game

Millionaire Legend is a simulation game, also without a client. You open a browser and start the game.

No one would reject success. To recruit talents and run business is your target in this virtual business world. And unlike the real world, these are no longer painful stress. They could be fun. And your dream could be easily realized.

Millionair Legend Screenshot


  • Companies: there are four industries for you to choose.
  • Secretary and Employee System: you can set up companies, interview and recruit secretary employees. Cultivate your employees and lead your team.
  • Business Negotiation: it is the main battle system, also, the better their gears are, and the powerful they will be.
  • Guild Battle: there are competitions among guilds.
  • Other systems: are right here await. Go explore them yourselves.


Free Gifts Every Day: your necessities will be delivered every day. These are really helpful for your development.

Bug Hunter: since this is called a test, there could be bugs. Feel free to report them and we would be grateful. Rewards await.

For more events and information, please refer to the homepage. Click here to start the game.

Found an empire of your own and become a business legend. It's up to you!



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