Call of Thrones Beta Test Launches With Game Instruction and Preview

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Call of thrones

Close beta test of Call of thrones will open at 19:00 Oct. 27th, 2011 and we invite you all to join us. As a completely 3D adventure, COT is not your typical gaming experience.

COT thrusts you into the middle of a war torn kingdom. With an aging King and three Lords struggling for power, the destiny of this kingdom is YOURS to decide. As a newly recruited soldier, you hold the power to shape the fate of the world and set the kingdom on the path of peace. This is Call of Thrones! Test your fate and answer the call!

Events will be hosted all month long. These activities will help you get started along the path to helping your faction rule the land. Soon you will be carving your way into the history books of the kingdom, and your name will become legend.

COT runs on D3D technology and requires a plugin to operate. After you download the plugin, you can experience full 3D graphics right from your browser window. Join the Beta Test today and expand your gaming horizons!

Play or registration :

Before getting started, there are some guides you need to read through for a better begin.

First, it's necessary for you to have a Yeepgame account (skip this if you already have one). After finishing the registration, and log in, then find Call of thrones on the home page. You will be seeing this interface by clicking "Play for free".

Call of thrones Screenshot

If you are using the IE browser, you will see what the picture 2 is showing, operate it and finish the install quickly, then the game will be loading. It might take a while for it to completely load. However, you will feel worthwhile after the game begins.

Once you are done with the loading, please click "play" to create a character.

Call of thrones Screenshot

Here you can choose the face, hair and gender you like, as well as the country you prefer. Don't forget to get yourself a cool name by the way. And you may not hurry to click "Create" before trying on the superior equipments list on the right. All right then, after finish all those, we may start the exploration now!

Here are some interface instruction below for you to get familiar with all workable operations:

Call of thrones Screenshot

A - PET Interface
B- RELIC Interface
C - STEED Interface
D - Level Indicator
E - Hit Points, the amount of points it takes for a character to die
F - Energy Points, used to execute special attacks
G - Spirit Points, Limits how far you can go into an instance
H - Power, Allows the player to make level 60 attacks

Call of thrones Screenshot

A - Opens the Character Attribute panel
B - Open your bag to check your inventory
C - Opens your skills panel, here you can assign skill points
D - Opens your Quest log, here you can see all the quests you are working on
E - Open the Guild information panel
F - Opens your Friends panel
G - Opens your gifts panel, here you can redeem coupons
H - Opens your auction panel
I - This panel allows you to buy gold
J - Opens the store panel



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