BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: Oct. 17 to Oct. 23

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Hey, guys. Another new week has come. What new/funny things have been brought forth on BBGsite during the past week? There must be much news flashing through your mind, but how can you catch it? Don't worry, check this BBG weekly wrap-up and sort out your thoughts!

New 3D Third Person Shooter: Shadowrun Online Announced

Shadowrun Online

If you love 3D shooter games, then you can't miss this new game: Shadowrun Online. Recently, Cliffhanger Productions unleash this new browser-based game, which featured guns, tech and magic.

Developed by Cliffhanger Productions and previous Shadowrun writers, artists, modders, and general mega-fans, the new game will be entirely browser-based. According to the developer, the sequel is set to be an entirely different game. Since it's a browser game, the quality may not be so good as some AAA games, but the developer believe that the game is still "decent quality".

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Shadowrun Online Screenshot

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