Mind Candy CEO Remains Defiant Since Lady Goo Goo Blocked by Lady Gaga

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Moshi Monsters

If you are a fan of Moshi Monsters, you must read the news we published last week. The cute character Lady Goo Goo was blocked by the famous singer Lady Gaga for causing confusion among consumers. So what happened after that?

Lady Gaga VS Lady Goo Go

Though Lady Gaga won this battle, Michael Acton Smith, the CEO of Mind Candy, remains defiant to this judgment.

"I think a lot of people have been surprised by the judgment," Acton Smith said. "I personally think the law in this area is too strict and there are people looking at it for review at the moment. I think it would have been fine in the US where parody is much more acceptable. And it's not detracting from her sales or damaging her in my opinion, and so I think it was a bit frustrating."

Oddly enough, the ruling only prevents Mind Candy from creating musical material with Lady Goo Goo, but this cute character can still exist in the game. Acton Smith also plans to press onward with an album of Moshi Monsters music and a live tour featuring the critters.

Refering to the plan of Dustbin Beaver, a parody of Justin Bieber in Moshi Monsters, Acton Smith said they would show respect to the high court and be a bit careful in it. So, will the same story happen again? What will Bieber and his lawyers do to Dustbin Beaver?

Justin Bieber VS Dustbin Beaver



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