New Browser Game Greedion Enters Closed Beta

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KeyWord: Greedion, Playomic, Closed Beta, Strategy

Playomic UG announced that their free-to-play, browser-based economy strategy game, Greedion, has entered the first round of the Closed Beta testing phase.


This first test will give players around the world a first glimpse at the economic simulation/strategy game and let them try their own hand at insider trading.

Only the first 1000 players to create an account will have a chance to participate. For your chance to participate in the Closed Beta testing phase, you can enter the following information at the following address:

Username: greedion
Password: wallstreet

Please keep in mind that only the first 1000 players to create an account will have a chance to participate. However, if you are unable to be one of those lucky testers, you can hope for your chance when the Open Beta starts roughly six weeks from now.

Greedion challenges players not only to be the best in the business world but to do so through bribery, insider trading and having powerful allies. If you manage to make the rise to the top, then you even have the chance to have your hand in some world-changing events...

About Greedion

Game World

Greedion takes place within the 1000 biggest cities on the planet. It's set in the very near future, where all national currencies have been replaced by the new global Bancor currency.


You play as a millionaire speculator, with the goal of becoming: first the richest in your city, then country, then the entire world. The mechanic is simple - buy low, sell high.


Greedion is not a Stockmarket simulation game. You must be skilled at bribing politicians, harvesting insider-information and spying on rival players with the aim of exposing their criminality in the media. Less simulation, more real life.


Those that manage to become incredibly rich, will be able to create 'Black Swan Events' that have huge effects on the market, which are very profitable for those that expect them, but disastrous for the majority that don't.



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