Call of Gods: Tripartite Confrontation - Tales of Three Races

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Call of Gods

Yoogames will release its new browser based game - Call of Gods on its first server "Astrologist" on 00:00 Oct. 19 PDT. Get ready for new gaming experience!

Call of Gods is a free-to-play browser game of MMORPG & SLG genre with a background story of wars among the Gods. In this game, players will play a warrior of human, elf or undead and develop their armies to fight against each others.

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In the beginning, there was nothing in the world. No one knows how the world came to be, or why it started as a void. And thus the Justice Dragon and Chaos Dragon were borne of nothing. The Justice Dragon and the other ancient dragons created a flourishing landscape from the elements – the Masure Mainland. They then blessed the lands with life; Elves, Humans and other intelligent organisms walked the earth. Concurrently, the Chaos Dragon also created his own life forms imagined from his twisted mind: The bloodthirsty Demon servants.

The Justice Dragon attempted to sate their ambitions by expanding the lands, but the insatiable Chaos Dragon and his Demon minions' bloodlust for anarchy and massacre foiled the plans for peace. The Chaos Dragon was finally ousted and sealed by the other ancients, and the Demon Lord Gorena was defeated by a Titan who was bestowed the ancient dragons' powers, bringing the Undead invasion to a halt.

Call of Gods Screenshot

Alas, the flames of war never die down forever. The war between the corrupt Amore and the leader of the Gods, Hill, only aggravated the destruction wrought upon the ravaged mainland. The defeated Amore fled toward the Demon territory of Karo, and the bodies of war casualties arose, resurrected by one of the ancient dragons, the Life Dragon. They became the enduring but evil Undead, establishing themselves as an independent race, and entering the war arena that was the Masure Mainland.

The elegant and graceful Elves, the brave and righteous Humans and the persevering and sinister Undead, none of the races will ever forget their own ambitions and goals. Now, the land is temporarily in a state of truce, but away from the light, conspiracies are being hatched in the darkness, the cloud of war ever looming overhead.



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