Bigpoint Unveiled Classes and Factions for The Mummy Online

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The Mummy Online

Game publisher Bigpoint has just released some information in regards to their upcoming, free-to-play MMORPG, The Mummy Online. As it is right now, there are six playable classes and two different factions to get to know before the launch.

Although there is still no date as to when the game will be launched, the development of the Mummy Online is continuing to keep moving forward in the Beta testing phase. And the developer Bigpoint are releasing more information to the fans. As of now, they have detailed the classes and factions of this free-to-play browser game.

Raiders, the first of the two factions, are a rag-tag group of librarians, scholars and adventurers. These characters seek to uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt and find hidden treasures. If you choose to play as a Raiders, you have 3 different classes available to choose: the Gunslingers, the Brawler and the Scholar.

The other faction of The Mummy Online is the Cultists Faction. This faction still believes in the religion of ancient Egypt and will stop at nothing to achieve the dark powers and bring Masika back to life to completely dominate Earth. Like the Raiders, there are also 3 available classes for players to choose in the Cultists: the Assassin, the Enforcer and the Priest.

Screenshots of The Mummy Online:

The Mummy Online Screenshot

The Mummy Online Screenshot

The Mummy Online Screenshot



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