Can 3D Browser Games Replace 2D MMOs?

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Browser games used to be thought poorly of by many MMO players, since such games put little emphasis on the essence and were prone to tire players. But with the constant development of browser game technologies in recent years, browser games are endowed with more and more profound cores. In particular, after entering the 3D age, such games got to be comparable with MMOs thanks to their improved graphics. So, can 3D browser games replace 2D ones? Let's check out the following factors!

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Browser games eventually overcame the difficulty in network speed, and adopted 3D graphics directly. With high enough network speed, 3D browser games can present the graphics able to compete with those of 3D MMOs and 2D MMOs. However, on account of complicated network conditions in some countries, 3D browser games may be downloaded incompletely sometimes, which can thus lead to incomplete 3D character images on the screen. Anyhow, such a phenomenon can never be seen in 2D MMOs.


Whether a game is fun or not has much to do with how perfect its systems are made. Client-based games first require players to download corresponding clients, which's also a way to guarantee normal system running. 3D browser games that need downloading in real time has early been comparable with MMOs in system shaping, but does worse in stable system running than MMOs. At this point, it seems extremely necessary for players to sacrifice something for smooth gaming enjoyments. In this way, various system bugs can be broken free of at least.


Browser games will never become MMOs, no matter how good they are, because it's hard for browser games to realize all-key operation. Players who are accustomed to playing games by means of keyboard operation may find it difficult to do the same in browser games. Some powerful MMOs allow players to set 20+ shortcuts in terms of game controls, but only a few keys can be used for easier gameplay even in the best browser games at present. From the perspective of controls, there's little possibility of browser games' overpowering MMOs.


Different players set different requirements for games' difficulty levels. 2D MMOs are easier to play than 3D ones, but more difficult than 3D browser games. The reason why 3D browser games are made easier to play is that such games display a more causal style and intend to let players enjoy the gaming fun without burden. So, it can be said that 3D browser games are more suitable for those who prefer easier games

Social Feature

Games' final goal is actually not to have players enjoy PKs only, but to bring players real-life experiences in the virtual world. The social feature is just a way to realize this goal, but is also a headache for browser games. Browser games which set a low threshold are widely popular among players, and most players regard themselves as passers-by of such games. Owing to this, the social feature of browser games can hardly compete with that of MMOs.

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