Rich$tate Opens Second Server, Runs For Congress

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Shanghai, CHINA -- October 12rd, 2011 -- YooGames, an international publisher of online web titles, today announced the addition of a second server, named "Lamborghini" to their business/racing sim, Rich$tate. Players will need to be creative in this fast-paced time-management adventure where racing to the top takes on a new meaning! Join this exciting new simulation title with a dramatic twist: in addition to building stores, putting product up for sale, managing employees, and developing guilds and political alliances, Rich$tate citizens will also be able to build and maintain their own cars, and show them off in fast and furious races including flying to the skies.  Players can sign up for the OBT now at

Whether you're a billionaire or don't have two pennies to rub together, joining Lamborghini gives all entrepreneurs a fresh start. Build a store, contract employees to handle all the customers, and increase your company's level by building up a retail empire to allow higher level stores and more employees per location. Use all that fat cash to build your dream car, and fly to the skies with a variety of wings. Daily log-in lotteries continue, and the longer players stay online the bigger daily package they receive thanks to the Online Reward Packages.

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Are you a true leader? Run for the newest government on Lamborghini, and shape the political landscape from the very start. Being a member of Congress rewards players with minor powers to direct the flow of the game! To run for government positions, players must have the following number of campaign tickets:

  1. Alcalde: 10
  2. Mayor: 25
  3. Governor: 50

Tickets are acquired through the rare estate tasks, which are available only a short time three times per day. Earn up to 28 tickets depending on the difficulty of the quest taken.

Rich$tate is the latest simulation game released by Dovogame, a world leading online browser developer. With the Dovo's experience in simulation titles, Rich$tate has it all: classic features of store creation, product sale, employee management, guild development and political structure. But the highlight of Rich$tate is undoubtedly the car racing system, where players can enhance their car and build a unique vehicle to compete in various races.

Players can visit the official site at

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