Lagoonia – Bringing InnoGames Communities Closer Together

Date: Oct 07 2011 01:30:29 Source: Press Release
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Lagoonia, the new browser game from InnoGames where players control the various relationships and actions of up to 15 inhabitants to create their own unique tropical island has been designed not only to provide a fun free-to-play experience, but to build friendships and loyalty within its own communities.

Lagoonia has been designed from the outset as a collaborative experience, enticing casual and hardcore gamers alike to live, work and play together, building their own South-sea island paradise. Instead of aggressive strategies to win lands and possessions, Lagoonia values friendships, partnerships and above all, the development of real relationships between the players. A game design which is also more convenient for female players, thus attracting a larger player base.

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Kathleen Kunze, game designer of Lagoonia said, "We wanted a new direction for our games to help cultivate greater social interaction and cooperation within our player communities. From our own research, players enjoy a greater sense of belonging when they interact within our games and communities. Over 44% of our players interviewed said that long lasting relationships between the users, the games themselves and with InnoGames was very important and something which they valued. So, we felt that a non-violent tropical island ‘castaway’ scenario would be a fun environment to do this in."

Eike Klindworth, Managing Director of InnoGames said, "Positive and progressive interaction between our players and our games is what we aspire to and Lagoonia is designed for just that. Our objective is to retain greater numbers of players so we continually provide strong and credible reasons for them to invest their time with us – from high quality games and innovative gameplay to developing strong friendships with other players. We can’t make them stay, the free-to-play market has so many games to entice our players, but we work hard to make them want to stay. Enjoyable and positive gameplay experiences makes for happy and loyal players which in turn, brings us success."

Lagoonia will be launched Europe wide in Q4 2011.

About InnoGames:

InnoGames, founded in 2007, is one of the world's leading developers and providers of online games. The German-based company with more than 70 million registered players worldwide has scored major success with games such as Tribal Wars, The West, and Grepolis.

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