Which Do You Prefer, PVP or PVE?

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Speaking of multiplayer games, their greatest characteristic lies in the communication among players. Unique fun can be derived from no matter confrontation or cooperation. Some players are keen on fighting against others, some have a passion for pursuing top equipment by means of killing monsters and conquering instances.  That is why both PVP and PVE modes can be found in most games.

Well, which mode do you like better?

As far as someone is concerned, equipment is a must on the way to a high level and instances are the best places to get equipment. For players, successfully defeating bosses is the best way to prove their strength. In the meantime, instances require teamwork, so players have a chance to learn from each other.

In most games, instances are designed from easy to hard and lots of players dedicate to challenging advanced instances. However, what should they do after passing through the highest-level instance? In view of this point, many players still concentrate on the PVP mode.

After all, PVE is a fixed mode and bosses are computer-controlled. As long as players have powerful equipment and try it repeatedly, it is not difficult for them to win out. On the contrary, in PVP, players have to compete with real opponents, perhaps no matter how diligent they are, they cannot win, but they can really get inside their character in any single PK or group PK. Indeed, there are many uncertainties in PK, but just because of the uncertainties, players can do their utmost to fight and make the game free from boredom.

Passion is the eternal theme of PVP, so always keep enthusiastic and learn from the opponent's strong points as well as improve your strength in the PVP. Do you like to swap skills with each other or challenge yourself in the instance? Come join in the discussion!

Which Do You Prefer, PVP or PVE?



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