Iron Grip: Marauders: Smuggling Legends

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Iron Grip: Marauders

Utrecht, the Netherlands, September 19, 2011 - Today, Dutch game developer ISOTX presented their latest update for the tactical war game Iron Grip: Marauders. This update involves several massive changes to the gameplay, such as a newly added smuggling system, a different boss system, an altered balancing system and a bigger role for heroes.

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Smuggling Legends

Probably the biggest change to the game will be the addition of a smuggling system. Instead of capturing and defending bases, players will gain resources by sending out smuggling convoys. When a smuggling convoy is dispatched, it will take several hours until the journey is complete and the reward can be claimed. By adding additional smuggling trucks the rewards can be increased, but of course this means less deployment points for defending troops in the event that the convoy is attacked.

Boss Attacks

The current boss system has also been slightly tweaked in order to give the game a more cooperative character. Gamers now have to complete a mini cooperative campaign to defeat a boss. The mini campaign cannot be concluded without the help of fellow gamers. All the participants will receive a reward when the boss is defeated.

Balancing System

The game's balancing system has undergone several changes as well. In the updated system, the AI automatically adjusts to a player's skill level, proposing a greater challenge, even for the more experienced players. However, gamers should be aware that it might take a while before the new system is fully configured.


Finally, the role of heroes in Iron Grip: Marauders has been extended to the point that they have replaced the old base officers. Heroes already had a physical presence in the game in the form of special hero units. However, from now on players have to select a hero as a commander every time they go into combat. The heroes will become more powerful as they gain experience points in battle.

Iron Grip: Marauders Screenshot



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