WarFlow New Features: Lv 120 Town Center and New RP Heroes

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HockeyStar0169, WarFlow Official Moderator, had posted an thread about the new features in WarFlow. 

Now, read on for the full interview article -

Lv 120 Town Center and New RP Heroes Have Been Finally Introduced to WarFlow!
---By HockeyStar0169


After the server maintenance on August 9, a lot of new features have been implemented into the world of WarFlow. Here weve provided some details of this big change for your information. Please read carefully the following information before enjoying the new contents. 

Fights Never End in this World
In the map of Volpugny, Beluprus and Malscinia, three new arenas have been introduced. They are Shepton, Shendo and Kanet. You can check the elite force of these arenas at the following table.

Whenever you conquer Volpugny-Shepton, Beluprus Shendo, Malscini-Kanet, you can enjoy new level cap for these things:

  1. All buildings in the city can be upgraded to Lv 120
  2. The level cap of all Technologies (Including Signal Flag, Enhancement, Arming, Armoring, Charging and so on) are raised up to 120.
  3. Lv 40 Textile Production is available for you to produce.
  4. Whenever you upgrade Town Center to Lv 120, you can upgrade Heroes and Legion to Lv 120.

Appearance of New BuildingForge

Lv 120 Town Center and New RP Heroes Have Been Finally Introduced to WarFlow!

The new building Forge appears whenever your Town Center becomes Lv 105. And when the Forge is upgraded to Lv 101, you can Forge or Decompose equipment there. (Function of Forging and Decomposing exists after Forage reaches Lv 101)

Forging Requirement:

Lv 120 Town Center and New RP Heroes Have Been Finally Introduced to WarFlow!

  1. Forging is available only when your magic is at a level of at least 90%. Any time your magic is lower than 90%, the Forge button will be greyed out.
  2. Only Red or Purple equipment (excluding any equipment fragment) is qualified for forging.


When a players VIP level reaches 3, the player is allowed to use Gold to force forge regardless of the magic requirement.

You gain Jewels from Treasure Map gained from special battles or simply via levying. But remember without a Lv 101 Forge you can store no Jewels even though you get them. And these Jewels will disappear instantly in game. So if you really want to collect some Jewels, do build up a Lv 101 Forge first. 

For more details please refer to WarFlow Official Forum
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