Spiral Knighs Update: King Krogmo Launches Lockdown!

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Spiral Knights

Lockdown - A New Coliseum Event
In Lockdown, two teams face off against each other to capture multiple Control Points scattered across the map. Capturing and holding onto a Control Point increases your team's score over time. Owning more than one Control Point increases your team's score even faster! To win, your team must be the first to reach the target score or have the highest score before the match ends!

How to Play
Capturing Control Points (CPs)

- To capture a Control Point, stand on it until it changes to your team's color. You will see an expanding "influence" ring indicating your progress. When the expanding influence ring reaches the outer CP ring, the CP changes to your team's color.
- If the Control Point is Neutral (white) you will only need to change it to your team's color.
- If the Control Point is owned by the enemy team, you will need to stand on the CP until the enemy team's influence ring shrinks and turns the CP to Neutral. After the CP is Neutral, it can be captured as normal by expanding your team's influence ring.
- Be warned! If an enemy player is also trying to capture the same Control Point, neither team's influence will grow or shrink. The only way to capture a Control Point is if there are no enemy players standing on it!

Class Mods
Class Mods are a new feature in Lockdown! Class Mods replace your normal shield with a special ability that is unique to that class. The ability is mapped to the key that would normally activate your shield.

Within each team base you will find three Class Mods. To change your class, simply stand on one of the pads supporting a Class Mod! The classes grant the following special abilities, bonuses, and penalties:

Special Ability: Guardian Shield
- Activating this ability creates a shield of protection for you and any of your teammates in its radius (instantly for you, and after 1 second for your allies)
- Any damage you or your allies take is blocked by the shield, but be warned, this may also cause your shield to break faster!
- Attack Speed bonus for Swords and Bombs
- Attack Speed decreased for Guns

Special Ability: Cloaking, Disruption Field
- Activating this ability causes you to turn invisible for a period of time
- While invisible, you project a "pulse" every few seconds that will give a "Recon Mark" status effect to any enemy it hits
- Any enemy player hit by one "Recon Mark" gets a warning, but no other negative effects are applied
- Any enemy player with a "Recon Mark" that is hit by another pulse receives a "Death Mark" and has has their defense removed for five seconds!
- Attack Speed increased for Guns and Bombs
- Attack Speed decreased for Swords

Special Ability: Striker Dash
- Activating this ability allows you to sprint for a short period of time
- Attack Damage increased for Swords
- Charge Time increased for Bombs

Loadouts - Gear Profiles for Fast Equipping
Loadouts are specific sets of gear that you can create and customize for fast equipping in towns, Clockwork Terminals and Lockdown team bases. A Loadout can be flagged as PvE (green) or PvP (red). By default, your current set of gear will be flagged as a PvP Loadout. However, if you would like to easily switch gear during a PvP match, you will want to create multiple PvP Loadouts. You can only swap loadouts during a PvP match before leaving the area designated as the Locker Room inside your team's base.

Note that your highest tier PvP-enabled Loadout determines the tier of the game you are eligible to join, and once you join a game, you will only be able to switch to Loadouts of the same tier you are playing. If you would like to play in a specific tier, ensure that all other tier Loadouts are flagged as PvE.

Creating a Loadout

First, equip the set of gear you would like to become your new Loadout. In the character window, there is a new Loadout pill below your character showing the following information:
-The name of the current Loadout. It will display if there is no specific Loadout being used
- The tier you are eligible for in PvE and PvP
- A meter showing the overall quality level of the Loadout (higher star gear makes for a much more powerful Loadout!)

Now it's time to save that Loadout:
- Click on the Loadout pill and then select "Save As..."
- Name your new Loadout and then select "Save"
- You can see all your saved Loadouts by clicking on the Loadout button that can be found next to the Arsenal button in the top right of the screen (two swords icon)
- You can flag or un-flag a Loadout for PvP by clicking on the Loadout icon (red crossed swords indicate the Loadout is flagged for PvP)

Other Changes

- Fixed a bug in a Devilish Drudgery room where players could accidentally bypass a spawn trigger.
- Loot from treasure blocks now properly despawns in 120 seconds.
- The preview item feature is working once more.

Danger Rooms
- Increasing rewards in Danger Rooms

Blast Network
- You can no longer bomb or gather powerups when you're invincible (following a respawn).



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