Clash of Kingdoms Latest Server: S33 Dragon Fury

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Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms, KoramGames hit cooperative war strategy game, will be launching its 36th server, S33 Dragon Fury, on Tuesday September 13th, at 7:00 PM (PDT). In many ways, S33 looks very promising. The Clash of Kingdoms team is pumping extra resources into this server launch to attract new players, as well as offer incentives for veteran and active players to create a character on the server, and help new players. All in all, S33 has the potential to be the most active CoK server to date. You can create your account here or Play it on Facebook.

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The games latest event works something like this; older players have already been made aware that the Clash of Kingdoms team is looking to make this next server a real training ground for new players, and they really want the players playing on older servers to go there and help out. They are offering up to 30 Prismatic Jewels to all players on each server (except S33), if certain conditions are met. For those of you who do not know, Prismatic Jewels are items which can be exchanged for 10,000 to 100,000 Wood, Stone, Iron and Food. The exchange rate for these coveted items increases the longer a server has been open. Essentially, this means that some players will be able to receive up to 3,000,000 of each resource type if they, along with their friends and opponents, help these new players.

All players have to do is create a certain amount of legions in each Kingdom that meet both membership, and honor requirements, depending on which set of requirements are met, the legions in S33 will be sent a varying number of legion codes designed to make the server more active, they can be exchanged for items which can be used for training heroes, construction, additional resources, etc. More information about the event can be found here.

For those of you that do not know, Clash of Kingdoms is a cooperative war strategy game set during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. Though there are many browser based war strategy games on the market, Clash of Kingdoms cooperative game play truly sets it apart from the rest. In this game, players who work alone will always fail; in order to become victorious you must work with your entire Kingdom, under the leadership of a Premier (who is elected every two weeks), to unite the whole of China.

All together, S33 seems to be a promising server, whether you are an old player who has been considering starting a whole new server after v1.3 came out, or an entirely new player, seeing as there will be plenty of professionals to learn from on this server, who have been playing the game for a year, and the latest version for over a month. If you wish to learn more about Clash of Kingdoms, S33 Dragon Fury, you can look at the official announcement here



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