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Mail.Ru Games released the English version of "Era of Strongholds", the latest content update to the award winning free-to-play MMORPG "Juggernaut" on September 9th. "Era of Strongholds" will expand the existing world with tons of new content and amazing additional features.

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Achievement System

With the upcoming achievements feature players will be able to keep better track of their progress in the game. The first encounter with a dangerous species, the first visit to previously unexplored locations, new skills learned, success in battle against other players... whenever characters advance in the way of the warrior, they will be awarded an achievement. All achievements will be recorded in the players' profiles, so that everyone can see what they have accomplished so far.


Players will be able to take their characters' relationships to the next level at the brand new "Temple of Love". The ordained "Priest of Love" will perform the sacred marriage ritual to wed two characters, and they can declare their love in their profiles to make it known in all corners of Haradan.

Clan Buildings

Clan-owned buildings will add extra depth to clan play in the future. Clans will be able to construct buildings to gather and store resources, do research in laboratories, set up their own shops and much more.

These are only a few examples of the many captivating new features the "Era of Strongholds" update has to offer.

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About Juggernaut

Juggernaut is an award winning fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). The free-to-play browser game needs neither client nor installation of any kind and can be played directly via any web browser.

Mountains turned into deserts, forests deteriorated into swamps that sunk into oceans from whose depths rose new continents and new mountains were formed since the two great forces arrived on the plains of Haradan: The Devourers, who came to the world from another reality, embodying all dark and evil, and the Juggernaut armors, with which the gods gifted the world's denizens.

The Flame of Destruction burning in the hearts of the Devourers drives the various creatures of Haradan to support the Devourers' only goal: to devastate all life and to leave nothing behind but scorched earth. Enter a world that features regular events, captivating quests, various professions, a rich bestiary, and much more! While slaying beasts, fulfilling quests and overpowering evil champions within their dungeons, you will learn more and more about the dangerous times you live in and grow to meet your destiny: To be the strongest hero of all and save the world wearing the most powerful armor – Juggernaut – given to mankind eons ago.



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