Chronicles of Merlin: Version 1.2 Comes to Europe

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Chronicles of Merlin

Koram Games announced the success of their newest update to Chronicles of Merlin, Version 1.2, and its introduction into the European Market. On July 6th, 2011 Chronicles of Merlins new GMT server, S10 Redius, will be launched. This new version, which was first introduced to the American Market on August 25th comes packed with new features including the King System, Wheel of Fortune, a Ranking System and the Unlocking of VIP features.

The King System involves players hunting bounties from other Kingdoms. Based on their success they can become King which gives them attack/defense bonuses, extra Silver, and the ability to pick their own nobles! The new ranking system allows players to check their status in a number of categories such as Heroes, Gear and players themselves.

Chronicles of Merlin

VIP features have been unlocked for all to create an even playing field for all. Finally, the Wheel of Fortune mini game has been introduced where players have a chance to win some great prizes! Aside from all the new features a new campaign, Isle of the Demigods, has been added with Heroes Jason, Perseus and Hercules.

Chronicles of Merlin is a RTS-RPG MMO where players are caught by a rift in time created by the Great Wizard of Merlin. Through this magical portal of time, players are able to battle against or recruit a number of famous generals throughout history in a competitive and tactical manner. You can create your account here or Play it on Facebook.

Since its launch last May the game has enjoyed lots of success with over 250,000 players from over 114 countries. It currently has 10 Servers located in three time-zones and serving two continents. For more information on the Chronicles of Merlin please visit



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