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Immortal King

Ever want to become a legendary figure in Greek mythology? Reckon you can build a massive army and gallop across the battlefield to victory? Then get the troops ready, because the closed beta of Immortal King, NGames brand new MMORTS, is finally launching today (September 7th)!

Zeus, Poseidon and Hades have divided the world between them. Zeus controls the skies, Hades the underworld, and Poseidon the waters. You must team up with one and fight others - who do you join?

Immortal King plunges you into a world steeped in Greek mythology, challenging you to command a powerful army of troops, govern an empire, become a legendary figure, and even conquer the infamous Greek gods themselves.

The hotly anticipated mythology-based war strategy game will be having it first public test from September 7th - September 18th, with all player data wiped out after the test.

NGames have promised exciting in-game events for the closed beta phase and will be giving all participating players 300 gold per day, allowing them to thoroughly test all of Immortal King.

As a reward for dedicated testing, players who stay online for 10 hours or more will be given an additional 250 gold to help them fast-track their way to the top.

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Unique Combat System

Immortal King features a new kind of combat system that is set to revolutionize MMORTS webgames. The time of pressing a "send troops" button and waiting impatiently for the results is a thing of the past.

Immortal King is a browser-based SLG+RPG game with grand story background and intriguing content. Players can develop numerous combat modes and formations by combining their heroes and troops into powerful arrays. Immortal King rewards clever planning and an Art of War approach to battles - you might be outnumbered, but that doesn't mean you're outgunned in the world of IK.

There are 72 types of soldier and 8 types of arrays in the game, which can generate a massive amount of playing variety. The battles are brought to life with stunning animation effects that show the combat in action, with distinctive attacking effects and cool hero skills that are unique to the characters you are commanding.

If you want to really show off your talents, you can even combine different types of soldiers and allocate them new arrays as the battle unfolds!

There are various modes of combat available in Immortal King, so you will never be bored participating in the same old battles over and over again.

You can challenge the gods of the three realms; fight against other players; increase your colony; take part in interesting quests to gather resources, gold and recruit more heroes; have farmland and silver mine battles; and even fight for entire regions and experience the momentum of a large scale war.

Huge League Battles

Immortal King's league battles will blur the line between web and client games like never before.

League/alliance battles have often been a weakness of webgames because they cannot be shown as impressively as client games. They take all of the information from various players, process the results in the background, then give players the outcome in text. But Immortal Kings innovative league battle is different.

The game supports up to 100 gamers and 500 heroes in one impressively animated scene. Now, not only can you watch the breathtaking battles of the ancient ages as they unfold in front of your eyes - you and your friends can join in and experience them too!

The league battles even feature an "Inspiration" system to encourage lower level players to get involved straight away. The Inspiration system gives players a chance to show off their potential power, rewarding clever thinking with defence buffs and special skills.

The time for gods and heroes has come. Start your journey in the Heaven, the Sea or the Underworld on September 7th and conquer the world!

Remember to submit gameplay bugs to the Immortal King forum so the developers can fix the problem.

For more details, please visit Immortal King official website.

To learn more about the game and the upcoming beta test, be sure to follow Immortal King on Facebook.

There will also be a dedicated Facebook app for the game, available here.

Remember to claim your keys before the beta starts if you haven't already.

About NGames:

NGames Limited specialize in the development, operation, and promotion of online games.

Thanks to a research & development operation focused on creating and launching original content, years of online experience, and an array of stunning titles, NGames are firmly established as one of the most recognised publishers operating today.

Currently in Open Beta, Naval-warfare strategy MMO, Navy Force is the fifth title available under their "Game 321" brand, adding to an impressive catalogue of games that already contains DD Tank, Caesary and this years hit release, Pockie Ninja.

NGames are also working on Immortal King (IK), a brand new military focused MMO due for Closed Beta release this September.

NGames are leveraging the power of their established Game 321 brand, building a large-scale integrated entertainment platform with the ultimate goal of providing users with premium online gaming content, visually stunning animation, as well as a social networking service.

Game 321 operates under a one-account-for-all-games system, meaning any user who signs up for a free account can experience all of the action without the need to constantly re-register their details.



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