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Dragon's Call

Dragon's Call Players Journalist, Browser92 had posted an interview for the first part of Dragon's Call 2.0 new patch. All the opinions are objective and original. Think the Dev. Team would have to reconsider about the next updates.

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Now, read on for the full interview article -

Review of this patch! ---By Bowser92

Hello Players!

Now that the patch is here, I'm going to review it part by part. In my opinion this patch was not that good, a few things where awesome and many things where really bad. Many users seem to want to quit cause of it and I understand them because this patch mostly makes DG users stronger and non DG users less strong. The thing I probably was most disappointed with in this patch was the "reset stats" and the gold decrease. The favorite is definitely stacking in warehouse.

1. Wage System

The wage system allows players to claim rewards with the use of points accumulated by completing relevant quests. Click the "Reward" -> "Wage" button in the upper navigation panel to enter the wage page.

The wage system is okay in my opinion. It's nice that you can earn some extra DS and the effort required to obtain the points per day isn't massive. Plus it makes you a more effective player so you really use up all AP and go to arena etc. I give it an 8/10.

2. Auto-sell System

The newest auto-sell system can help players automatically sell equipment (common equipment by default) that are obtained through killing monsters. This system may be adjusted by the player.
Well, the idea is a good one and I like the convenience it provides. It's very much in handy, you can see what items it sold and for how much and choose up to what color an item should sell to and how far upgraded. Though I think it lacks some features but other than that it's good. This I will give a 6/10.

3. Reset Character Stats

Level 40+ characters are now able to reset their stats, strength, stamina, intellect and agility. However, luck cannot be reset. It may be increased or reduced after other stats are reset. Some gold will be consumed every time you opt to have your stats reset, with the amount of gold required depending on your character level.

This is the one I really hate the most. It says that we are given a character stat reset but we are not. For those of you who have checked it out, this is "Character Cultivation" in game. I wouldn't call this a reset… I would call it a permanent buff of some sorts. The gold cost is reasonable, but it is a gamble and to achieve the stat increase you would like will require a significant amount of gold. And I don't want to waste 1 billion gold to get a few extra stat points. I give it a 0.5/10.

4. Improved Equipment

Extra stats will be added during the refining process.

Different stats will be added to the equipment of different classes, such as strength to the equipment of warriors, agility for assassins, intellect for mages and stamina to the equipment shared by all classes, like rings and necklaces.

However, the same amount of stats will be deducted when the equipment is refined unsuccessfully and its level (number of +s) is reduced.

Players can drag equipment that has been refined before the patch into the refining slots and click the "Restore" button to add extra stats to the equipment.

Refine/Repair: The extra stats (corresponding to class) you get when you refine gear/weapon is pretty good even if it's not that much. The downside with this is most of us have experienced refining stubborn equipment that just won't upgrade, failing all the time and devouring precious gems. This patch means it's even worse to fail refining now, with gear becoming worse and worse. And there is also the new repair button comes in. From now on it will cost you gold should you refine it and fail. I like the thought of this part in the patch but it will just result in players getting frustrated, I mean, how fun is it when you refined to +7 or higher and lose your progress? Now it's even worse because you have to worry about the stat decrease too. But thank god that repair is there to save you! Overall I give this part in the patch 4/10.

Purify: The purify function works like it did before the patch, but you may now choose between a normal mode and an enchanted mode. In normal mode you need a dragonshard corresponding to the item's color, something that is not a requirement in enchanted mode. But I believe that the enchanted mode is NOT worth 60 DG. I tested it out on my sacrilege boots. 57 int 6% hp were the stats it had before purification in enchanted mode. First time nothing happened. Second time it went up 1 % on hp. The only good thing with enchanted mode is that it doesn't change your suffix or prefix but that advantage of the mode is greatly outweighed by the cost and chance of it not gaining any boost, essentially a waste of 60 DG you could have used on other things. I give this 0.5/10 cause of the price and the very limited gain in stat boost.

5. Optimized Gems and Warehouse

After the implementation of this patch, gems, dragonshards, soul stones, event items, buff potions can now be stacked in piles of 100 max resulting in a vastly increased ability to store items in your warehouse. Gems may also be withdrawn from the warehouse quickly through a shortcut button during the enhancement process. When refining, purifying, combining and injecting soul to equipment, players can quickly purchase gems or take out gems from their warehouse by clicking the relevant shortcut buttons.

This part of the patch is the one I really love. It's something we all probably love. Who hasn't ever found themselves with loads of prisms or gems and not a slot in their warehouse? Well now that problem is no longer existent. It would be great if it were available for inventories as well. And finally you don't have to go to the warehouse, get your prisms and think "Hmm will this be enough...?" and when it's not enough have to back to the warehouse to retrieve more. This part I give 9/10 because it's just about perfect and my favorite part of this patch.

6. Optimized Quiz Show

The rankings for the quiz show will now be based on the time that players spend in answering questions instead of scores.

I didn't find so much new in this part, looks the same and works the same so I have no comment on this one. And I didn't like quiz that much before so I give it 3/10.

Some other things I noticed that's not in the patch notes are:

Tournaments are for level 40 + players only. I think it's pretty good actually cause then you don't need to think about that as a new player and focus on quests and such things instead cause you get many quests in the beginning of this game. This I give 6/10 cause many will be angry, but don't worry, leveling up is pretty easy until you hit level 65.

A level 5 newbie gift - I have also notice that gives a whole set +7 sacrilege items. That's both good and bad cause then it will be easier for alts to get in arena and be good and that results in many angry players cause some with alts tend to stay in the arena for a long time. But it's good for those new players to have a good start in this game. Cause of the alts that's probably going to use it I give this a 4/10 but it's great for the new comers so it takes the score up a little.

DPS is also a feature in this game now, Damage per Second, and it estimates the damage you do per second depending on your haste and damage. I would say this is kind of unnecessary cause you see how much damage you do anyways but it's a fun thing so I give it a 3/10.

A new reward button where you can gain items up to level 30. I don't know totally how it works but it seems rather okay. Good for the new players and it tells when you can join instances and such. But it would be better to concentrate on something else than sacrilege items cause gears are not so important in the beginning of the game. Its user friendly so I give it 6/10, but it's so many sacrilege items which takes the score down.

I also found out that they have decreased the rate of gold you get when you sell items. I have a BIG feeling that this will make many players in the newer servers quit and many old players too. I just say: Don't take our well earned money because we need it! Okay if you decrease gold income from item with 10-30% but not around 90%. This is probably the worst thing in this patch. I give this 0/10.

Overall Score of this patch: 4.125/10

Well this patch wasn't a hit so...

Remember this is my opinion and you don't have to agree. Please share your own opinion and what you think. Also, please discuss the pros and cons and such. It's always fun to see what other thinks about it.

Originally from Dragon's Call Official Forum

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