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Chronicles of Merlin

Lately a new browser game coming from Koramgame, Chronicles of Merlin have caught our eye as being reviewed as "highly addictive, challenging and fun." Chronicles of Merlin is a RTS-RPG MMO where players are caught by a 'rift in time' created by the Great Wizard of Merlin. Through this magical portal of time, players are able to battle against or recruit a number of famous generals throughout history in a competitive and tactical manner.

Today we had a chance to interview Daniel Chiu, the operating manager of Koramgame, on why Chronicles of Merlin is so popular amongst players.

Chronicles of Merlin

Us: Tell us about the success you all have had so far.

DC: We have opened our 10th server, meaning we have more than 250,000 players enjoying this game. They are from over 114 countries, varying in age and gender, coming from all walks of life. It's an honor to be able to serve our fans.

Us: So why do you think your game has been so successful up to this point?

DC: Well I think it is thanks to three main features of the game.

First off, unlike most online browser games which are, to be honest, a bit boring at times, Chronicles of Merlin is highly competitive and highly replayable. There is no one way to dominate the game. With the right hero formation you can defeat much stronger enemies. It is really more a game about strategy than anything else. You can create your account here or Play it on Facebook.

Secondly, unlike most online browser games, this is a very balanced game between paying and non-paying players. Life is a bit easier for our paying customers (thanks to their support, we can keep our business running), but not in the traditional sense that the paying players are immediately overpowering. The things you can buy within the game are things that non-paying players can make up with time or skill. And with massive Players-vs-Players Alliance and Kingdom battles, this is especially true! We are trying our best to keep the game balanced and fair, and competitive of course. And non-paying players can get Gold from the game quite easily without paying a single dime. Just play the game and look out for the special events and parties. We giveaway quite a bit of free Gold to make sure everyone can enjoy the game.

Finally we have a fun storyline! Imagine commanding Robinhood and Genghis Khan to fight against Egyptian Pharoahs. It's a crazy story but it's fun! We have the archers, the crossbowman, the paladins but we also got zombies and catapults. It's a crazy party really.

US: Where do you see your game going from here?

DC: Well our goal is to continue to serve players internationally. We are planning to test new versions and reach more players. The corporate has high projection for this game, and rightly so judging on the current enthusiasm. We also want to have fun with our players. They are a great crowd.

US: Can we see any updates or upgrades in the near future?

DC: As a matter of fact we are looking to roll out a couple of updates at the end of this month. Including a Server Ranking system, a new King feature that involves bonuses to top ranked players, and a Wheel of Fortune mini-game.



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