Sword Girls: Dungeon Mode & First Boss – Gold Lion Nold!

Date: Aug 22 2011 02:36:26 Source: Press Release
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Sword Girls

In Sword Girls, the Dungeon mode provides challenges suitable for new and experienced players alike. There are a few starter dungeons, as well as special dungeons that will award players with special crafting materials. Each of these dungeons is classified as an Easy Dungeon, Normal Dungeon or Hard Dungeon. Tougher dungeons provide better rewards, but you will encounter tougher Characters with more powerful Decks. Once in a Dungeon, you will face off against unique enemy Characters, one after another. As you defeat them, you will receive special Ores that can be used to craft cards. To craft more cards, you will want to take on the Dungeons for all they are worth.

A boss will appear after enough Dungeon levels are cleared. Boss characters are especially tough enemies with abilities not seen in normal game play. Gold Lion Nold is the first boss you will face in the game, and while any new player will easily be able to conquer Dungeon floors, you are going to have to show that you really know how to use your deck if you want to defeat her.

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At the start of every turn, Nold reduces the Cost of each of her Followers by 1. Each player has a 10 Cost limit on the cards they can have in play at once, so for Nold, this means that she will be putting out more powerful cards and have room the next turn for even more powerful cards. To beat her, you will either have to tear down her expensive cards before she puts too many out, or you will have to come up with a way to survive them.

Gold Lion Nold is a tough challenge, but if you can beat her, there is a chance she might join you! Whenever you defeat a dungeon boss, you might get a version of that boss as a special Character card. You can only get them from beating the bosses! They cannot be crafted or purchased. On top of that, the very first person to topple a previously undefeated boss will be guaranteed to receive the card. Every time a new dungeon comes out, you will want to make sure you are the first one to beat it. If you can tame the Gold Lion and earn her humanoid form, this card will be a mark of pride.

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Nold looks a bit different in her humanoid form. She behaves differently too. Unlike her boss form, which is built to be a difficult challenge for everyone to overcome, her powers are on par with any of the other Characters. However, they still deal with Cost manipulation. Every turn, she reduces a played card's Cost by 1 and lowers the Cost of a card in hand by 1. Match this special Character with other cards that manipulate Cost, and you've got a deck with a unique and effective theme!

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