Chronicles of Merlin Fever Hits the East Coast

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Chronicles of Merlin

In recent months, one browser game title has caught our eyes. "The Chronicles of Merlin", the newest title from Koramgame has quickly gained a cultish following. While it is not the fastest-growing game we've seen, the CoM players have unanimously summarized the game as "challenging, fair, and highly-addictive."

Having successfully attracted hardcore supporters from Europe and parts of the U.S., Chronicles of Merlin has just broadened its fanbase to the East Coast, continuing its rise to popularity as the next "up-and-coming" hit. We recently had a chance to test the game on this EST server to try to figure out what makes this game, as they say: "so addictive!". You can create your account here or Play it on Facebook.

Chronicles of Merlin Screenshot

All About Strategy

The first thing we noticed was how true of a strategy game this was. While it started out with 5 heroes the more we progressed the more heroes we were able to unlock. This combined with different formations showed us the choices were endless. We had to watch each battle intensely to determine what our next setup or strategy would be.

After testing an account that had purchased gold vs. a free account, the gold account did not seem overpowering; instead it tended to act more as a time saver than anything else. Overall the game seemed very balanced relying more on strategy than on an overpowered hero.

Highly Replayable

The replayability factor is great, not only did we find ourselves going back through the campaigns to unlock heroes and gear, but we found ourselves taking heroes from different times and regions to battle each other. At one point we were even using Vlad the Impaler to beat Mulan!

Each Kingdom also had their own characteristics, each with their own heroes and cities to choose from. It was worth checking out what each kingdom had to offer.

Challenging and Fun

Aside from the strategy itself perhaps the part we enjoyed most was the multiplayer PVE and PVP. At the end of each campaign we had a chance to group up and fight in a large-scale PVE battle against all the bosses of that campaign. PVP is not to be left out, as each server is filled with Alliances that challenge each other Alliances in large scale PVP for access to extra Grain and bragging rights.

The most anticipated battle is Mine Wars where you fight other kingdoms for silver. You know it is almost time to fight when the chat started buzzing with players predicting how much Silver they are going to get or how badly they are going to beat the other Kingdoms.



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