What Browser Games Are Fit for Females?

Date: Aug 11 2011 07:42:59 Source: BBGsite.com
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Brower games attract more and more users in recent years, but as research results show, most users of browser gamers are males. Though the number of female users of browse games gets larger these years, it is still much smaller than that of male ones.

So, are females not interested in browser games?

In my view, a majority of females are fond of games actually, but are liable to deem games as a form of entertainment instead of indulging themselves in games like males. Meanwhile, most browser games are developed as strategy ones that cater to the taster of a very limited number of females. These can be said as the causes of the big gap mentioned above.

Anime Girls

Now that females consider games as a form of entertainment in most cases, what games fit them on earth?

Not long ago, I posted an article titled "Read Girl's Heart", where I listed some games suitable for females and defined "fascinating graphics", "adorable characters" and "easy controls" as the main factors helping females choose games. This article caused much discussion among quite a few players, and a player called "Mewanna" even left many comments. After analyzing players' viewpoints, I now decide to figure out what games suit females!

1. Graphics

Graphics help games make their first impressions on players, and naturally play a very important role in catching players' eyes at the first sight. Among the female players currently, teenagers account for a large part. These teenagers take a natural fancy for beautiful and cute-styled graphics. Surely, most females prefer fine and lovely graphics to terrible ones.

Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshot

2. Storyline

Though graphics are a very important part of a game, how many players would choose games mainly resting on graphics? In the article "Read Girl's Heart", "Mewanna" left a comment saying "I look for wonderful story in my games. I don't just look for pretty pictures or 'romantic' scenes. I want a game that's both fun and has a great story line to go along with it. I don't mind the bloody violence in games. As a gamer I'm used to it - I don't shun away from it".

An immersive storyline can indeed be used as an important instrument to attract players. If a game is endowed with a dull storyline, neither males nor females will get immersed in it. As a female player, will you regard graphics as a primary factor when choosing games?

3. Difficulty

Now, let's turn our eyes on female players again. Apart from teenagers, housewives also take up a big part of the female players. Housewives mostly have no relish for complicated games, as simple casual games are a better way of relaxation in leisure time. 

Of course, that doesn't mean all females don't like playing complicated games. Nowadays, a good many females are keen on complicated strategy games like males, and even proud to overpower males in games. So, which do you like better, complicated strategy games or simple casual ones?

DDTank Screenshot

4. Adults-only Content

Browser games now adopt diversified themes, and each female player has her own favorite theme. In contrast with others, adults-only games seem not to females' taste, as almost all users of browser games are males. I was once told by some female friends that they all had an aversion to adults-only games.

Do adults-only games not interest females? As a female player, will you choose such games to kill your leisure time?

In addition to the above several factors, what other factors will you resort to when choosing games? Just speak out your opinions!

what factors will you resort to when choosing games?

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