HiThere.com Announces the Dynasty Chronicles Beta Test

Date: Aug 10 2011 08:28:23 Source: Press Release
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Dynasty Chronicles

Dynasty Chronicles, a massively multiplayer strategy browser game is coming exclusively to HiThere.com.  An exciting strategy game, Dynasty Chronicles is set in ancient China's three kingdoms period.  In the game you will fight to claw your way up and become a warlord only declaring your allegiance to the Han emperor. With great artistic direction, a deep Hero leveling system, city management, and a great Diplomacy system, Dynasty Chronicles will keep you coming back for more and more.

Dynasty Chronicles

Recruit your heroes, and level them up by training them, buying items, and sending them on missions to clean up the surrounding countryside. There are different classes of Heroes, Warriors and Officials. Warriors obviously fight to protect your honor, while Officials run the day-to-day operation of the town and are important to help you be a strong leader. Once your Heroes are powerful enough you can enter them into tournaments against other player's heroes to see who really is the best in the game.

Build multiple cities and use your business skills to manage them effectively by sending heroes, supplies, and workers between the cities you control. Once you control a network of cities, other players will have a tough time defeating you.

The beta test server Red Cliff will open at 8:00PM on 8/14/11 (PDT GMT-7) and run until 8:00PM 8/24/11(PDT GMT-7). During the test, players will receive 1,200 Gold and 600 Jade for each day they login to the game. This extra money will help you advance quickly and see all the great features the game has to offer. As an added bonus, all players that are able to get an Orange Hero during the test will receive 100 Gold on the official server.

Come test our newest game and help us make better games for all. Build your city, grow your army, and dominate everyone else on the server!

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