Clash of Kingdoms Receives an Update!

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Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms has recently released its latest version, Clash of Kingdoms v1.30: Rise of Champions. Currently, the new version is being tested on one server. According to the game managers, they will upgrade every server once they are confident they have solved all major bugs and the game is ready for the general public. The new version includes a variety of new features, heroes, and abilities that will improve game play for all players.

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For those of you who do not know, Clash of Kingdoms is a cooperative strategy game set in ancient China. Unlike most games of the same genre, players do not control cities, but manors within cities, that are collectively owned by their Kingdom. This forces players to work together, and has allowed the game to build a dynamic user base over the years.

Heroes received a lot of attention in this latest version of the game. Not only did Koramgame, publisher of Clash of Kingdoms, add brand new heroes, they also added a new feature called the backup retinue, which allows players to store extra heroes, and use them later when needed. Additionally, a new training system has been implemented. Now, heroes train for a set amount of time, and earn a set percentage of experience. This allows players to be constantly training their heroes, even when they sleep. You can create your account here or Play it on Facebook.

Rise of Heroes also provides new way for players to receive and exchange items. For instance, the Honor Shop allows you to use Honor Credits, which you earn in combat, to purchase a number of items. Old and new players alike will also find the Scroll Exchange particularly useful. Here, you can number of low level ability scrolls for one of a higher level. This makes upgrading your hero much easier than before.

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Finally, there are many new features I myself have not yet been able to experience. For instance, there are a number of new abilities, including one called Eagle’s Eye which allows archers to ignore distance and attack their highest priority target. Another feature which sounds interesting is the ability to resort manor that you have previously lost, either because you abandoned them, or because you lost them to the enemy.

Of course, all this talk of new features begs the question, how have the mechanics of the game been affected? So far, Clash of Kingdoms: Rise of Champions still offers the same highly cooperative game play I love, with new heroes, abilities, and features. Also, last I checked, Koramgame was going to upgrade all the servers in early August. If you have not yet played Clash of Kingdoms, I suggest starting on one of the later servers.

Click here to find out more about Clash of Kingdoms v1.30: Rise of Champions.



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