Indomitus: A New Genre-Bending Cooperative Strategy Game

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Ever since the advent of social gaming in 2007, there has been an almost unhealthy habit of social gaming companies to make all their war strategy games about Romans, Lord of the Rings like creatures, or some sort of medieval knights. Recently, however, there has been a rash of browser-based games themed around non-traditional themes like Pirates, Aliens, and even Space Cowboys. Indomitus, recently released into open beta by Koramgame, is one such game.

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Indomitus takes place around the fall of the Roman Empire, during a period in history known as the Barbarian Invasion Period. Presently, players can play as the Huns, Gauls, Goths, or Vandals. You play the part of a warlord in a somewhat disorganized tribe of barbarians, building up resources, training your armies, and eventually conquering all of Europe.

While this may sound like the same "hardcore strategy game" we always here about, Indomitus has a different take on the genre. Though not a social game as such, Indomitus is far more social than others. The goal of the game is to take every city on the map, together, with your fellow tribesmen, and it becomes clear very early on, that you cannot do this without them. Players do not control cities, but manors within cities. This allows the game to do away with the newbie protection feature that seems typical for any browser-based game these days. Create your account here or Play it on Facebook.

In fact, the tribe isn't actually where most of the team work happens. Your tribe merely functions as a federation of guilds. Most of the offensive strategy is coordinated within these guilds, with the different teams expanding your tribe's territory in different directions. Each guild has their own characteristics, I joined one of the more active ones, but there are guilds for all different types of players.

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Attacks on cities happen in mass, usually planned hours or days ahead of time. Because of this, the game sports a unique feature which allows you to deploy your troops far ahead of schedule, allowing you to participate in an attack even when you can't be online.

So far, the open beta has turned out to be really enjoyable. There seem to be players on at all hours, which means you will be able to participate in the games more social aspects, no matter what time you decide to play. Finally, even though all the various tribes are at war with one another, it is early enough that new players will not have to worry about being attacked, until they are strong enough to help defend, or better yet, launch attacks with their fellow tribesmen.



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