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During the period of ChinaJoy 2011 held in Shanghai, we’re so glad to have the honor of doing an interview with Tina, CBO of Beijing-based Gamewave Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “ Gamewave”). The interview went very smoothly, and Tina always had a friendly smile on her face and showed her humor once in a while. Now, let’s appreciate Tina’s charm together and raise the mysterious veil of Gamewave!

BBGsite: Hello, Tina! So pleased that you can take the interview with us! Would you say hello to our readers?

Tina: Hello, everyone! I’m Tina, CBO of Gamewave.

Gamewave Interactive interview
Tina, CBO of Gamewave.

BBGsite: It’s such an honor for me to do the interview with you! Please give us a brief introduction to Gamewave first!

Tina: Gamewave grows rapidly indeed. Founded in 2008, it moved forward stably in 2009 and made a great progress in 2010. In 2011, it stands as one of the leaders in the browser-based game industry.

Gamewave Interactive Logo
Gamewave Interactive Logo

Gamewave, which came into being in 2008, had reaped a lot as of 2009. For example, in 2009, it served as the publishers for up to 30 browser games, released its first browser-based MMORPG Xian Yu (Grand Epic Online), and saw two of its game platforms appraised as the best browser game platforms in China.

In 2010, Gamewave grew by leaps and bounds. For instance, it pushed the browser-based martial arts ARPG Ao Jian into the market, and opened over 500 server groups for the game within 3 months; also, it set up a branch in Japan, and made its first step in entering the global market.

In 2011, Gamewave’s Japanese branch pushed Age of Ocean into the market; Gamewave launched its North American platform, and brought its browser games to Malaysia, South Korea and some other places in succession. Gamewave is now putting a great deal of energy into implementing its global strategy. As of the middle of this year, Gamewave has got 8 game platforms and published nearly 40 fine browser games. Particularly, its real-time browser game Dragon Spear Online is much watched.

BBGsite: Gamewave has grown so rapidly in the past several years, and is operating nearly 40 browser games. So, what supports Gamewave’s steady and rapid advancement in the game industry?

Tina: Gamewave employs simple cooperation modes and resorts to simple & clear operation procedures, in an effort to have things done at the fastest speed. Moreover, it treats everyone sincerely, and takes everything seriously. The two points are just the major causes of Gamewave’s leadership in the browser game industry.

BBGsite: From the point of view of the current situation, browser games are very likely to enjoy a brighter prospect than MMOs. What’s Gamewave’s opinion in this respect, and does it have any new plans?

Tina: As the first generation of FC was born in 1985, the era of PC games which’s represented by Japan and America arrived. In 1996, with the appearance of such Korean MMOs as The Kingdom of the Winds and the international influence of WoW, the stir made by client-based games reached its peak. Browser games, which took their rise in China, proceeded to step forward rapidly in 2008. In 2010, the market scale of browser games reached RMB 2.3 billion with a growth rate of 40%. The following ten years will be themed by browser games, and Gamewave will join forces with Chinese browser game developers to create more excellent browser games and lead such games to the global market.

BBGsite: How will Gamewave lead Chinese browser games to the global market?

Tina: Globalization needs not only good products, but also good operation teams, game platforms, channels, services and cooperation modes etc. Resting on all these, Gamewave has made the current achievements and will continue to lead browser games to the global market.

1) Operation: Gamewave has been focusing on operation since established, and bears tremendous strength.

2) Platforms: Gamewave now takes possession of several excellent game platforms that hold a leading position in China, including,,, and In the future, the number of Gamewave’s game platforms will get larger as its global business expands.

3) Overseas operation: The global strategy stands for Gamewave’s strong attempt to share various platforms (e.g. the game development, marketing & operation platforms) with online game development teams at home and abroad. So far, Gamewave’s Japanese branch has started its operation in an all-round manner, and has released Age of Ocean. The North American platform ( was also launched in May, 2011. Meanwhile, Gamewave began to aim at the South Korean market, and brought Tian Ji there. On the first OBT day, Tian Ji acted as the most frequently searched game on the No. 1 South Korean search portal - Naver.

4) Professional services: Gamewave, which addresses itself to the development of good-quality browser games, possesses and invests in multiple browser game development teams and witnesses browser games spring up continuously, in the company of powerful operation resources, efficient promotional campaigns, and professional technical supporters & customer service staff.

5) Channels: Gamewave’s Xian Yu  has opened over 800 server groups since released, and Ao Jian even opened more than 500 server groups within only 3 months after being pushed into the market. Such honorable figures repeatedly prove that Gamewave has the best game channels.

6) Cooperation modes: Gamewave offers different cooperation modes for different types of companies/teams, striving to strengthen the cooperation to the full and achieve win-win results.

BBGsite: It seems that Gamewave has been well prepared. So, how will you take your first step in globalization, and how will you lead more Chinese games to the global market?

Tina: Gamewave has been preparing for the task of “leading Chinese browser games to the global market”, which requires not only a detailed and comprehensive strategy but also excellent products. All strong and competent game developers are welcome to cooperate with us in any feasible manners. Gamewave will apply itself to treating all playful products seriously and popularizing them around the world. The ten games exhibited at this year’s ChinaJoy, including Tian Ji, Ao Jian, Dragon Spear Online, Zhu Shen, Legend of Sword, Legend of God Punishment, Sui Tang Online, Realm of Magic, Magic Wartale, Jian and Xian Jie, will all march into the global market step by step as planned. I sincerely wish more games to engage in our global strategy.

Gamewave Interactive interview
The exhibition stand of Gamewave on ChinaJoy 2011

BBGsite: Which of the ten games have embarked on the journey to the global market?

Tina: Gamewave has launched its overseas operation strategy and brought its Taiwanese, North American and South Korean game platforms online. The games operated on these platforms all arouse lots of attention. For instance, much favored by players in South Korea, Tian Ji stood as the most frequently searched game on Naver only half an hour after its OBT launch. At the E-Fun Game Expo held in South Korea, Tian Ji went so far as to be blessed by South Korea’s president Lee Myung-bak who sent a flower basket. Besides, the browser-based martial arts MMOARPG Legend of Sword was so wonderful that a famous South Korean game magazine marked out a special section to report it in detail. All these obviously indicate that Chinese browser games enjoy an important position in the overseas markets.

BBGsite: Does Gamewave have any strategic plans for the coming several years?

Tina: Gamewave always changes its strategic plans, as it grows rapidly and steadily. We need only half a year to reach the goals that usually take 1-2 years to realize. Such an ability was derived not only from our clear strategic plans but also from our mighty teams capable of well implementing each policy. More importantly, we always keep our ambitious goal in mind, that is, to leave our footprints amid every 2,000 people and enable everyone to enjoy our fine browser games.

BBGsite: Thank you again for taking the interview! You really let me know more!

Tina: Well, my pleasure! People will get a better view of Gamewave. Our door is always open to the games that are amusing, novel and promising! Anyone who has such games can feel free to contact us!



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