Dovogame Launched Open Beta of Rich$tate on July 26th

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The 1st Server of Rich$tate - the latest simulation game developed by Dovogame, is about to launch on July 26th, 2011.

Just as what players experienced in the beta test, Rich$tate is a simulation game that amalgamate store management, car racing and guild competition. Besides the exquisite pictures, players quickly become Tycoons by raising store income and participating in car races. The followings are some tips on the gameplays:

Store Upgrade

In Rich$tate, beginners will start their tasks by creating and upgrading stores. The Beginners task, though time-consuming as it is, lays a solid foundation for future development. After that, your stores will upgrade to Lv 5 and accumulate economic strength. The higher Lv your store is, the quicker is your store upgrade, and the richer you will be.

Car Upgrade
What can you do after accumulating a certain number of RSD? You can reshape and re-equip your car for higher competitiveness and more store points. You are already on the way to become a billionaire in the Rich$tate!

Car Racing
Both Single-player and Multi-player Races are available in the Rich$tate. Here players can enjoy PVP racing for more victories and better rewards, all of which form important means to accumulate economic strength.

Still, more gameplays in the Rich$tate are waiting for you to discover. Come on! Log in the game and seek your fortune in the business wonderland!

To celebrate the milestone, Dovogame prepared a 14 days Recharging Event. Players who recharge to a certain amount will win abundant packages in the first 14 days, double store points in the first 3 days. Besides, property rewards are also available in the Cross-country Races.

For more details, please log in our website:



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