Drakensang Online: Release 015 Brings Big Changes

Date: Jul 25 2011 03:07:15 Source: Official Forum Views:
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Drakensang Online

There are significant changes in the world of Drakensang Online thanks to the latest update from publishers Bigpoint. Just a few days ago, Bigpoint unveiled out the release 015 and classified it as "a big release" for the free-to-play MMORPG, Drakensang Online. With this release, they have not only added more improvements, and they have also added a whole plethora of new game elements. Some of the new features were inspired by player suggestions.

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One of the changes is Champions and Mini-bosses. There is a new category of Monsters, so called Champions, these will spawn randomly at our dungeons and they will be harder to kill then average monsters. Since they are individual marked, you can easily distinguish them from normal monsters.

Unique armors and weapons are also added in this update. The forge at Kingshill and Werian Sanctuary has been inspired by Alan and offer now unique items. These items will be unique in appearance and also because of their stats.

There is also a big change in quests. Many improvements have been made to ensure such things as quest items will no longer be dropping after the quest is completed and quest items will be removed from your inventory if cancelled or completed. Due to these changes within the quest system all current quests will be reset to their ground level state. All already gathered quest items are now deleted from players' inventory. But the quests are still in the questlog, so you don´t need to cancel the quest.

Drakensang Online Screenshot

To round it all off, there have been numerous bug fixes and other smaller updates that are aimed to improve the general experience of Drakensang Online. You can also see all the new game features in Official Forum. The development team has also announced that there will be some other new features coming soon which includes some missing quests and the "Teaganswall" update designed for players level 30 and up.



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