Bums Support the U.S. Women's Soccer Team

Date: Jul 18 2011 08:02:18 Source: Press Release
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New York, July 14th 2011 Dribbling, kicking, passing and tackling are now part of New York Bums' everyday lives. After the U.S. Women's victory yesterday against France in the semi-finals, Bumrise players quickly followed their example.

Bumrise is a satirical game in which each player controls a virtual "bum" and develops it to make it rich and give it luxurious accommodation. In order to progress faster, bums can provoke each other, fight, or even create gangs. During the FIFA Women's World Cup, some temporary features linked to soccer have been added.

And if Bumrise players like having fun and enjoying themselves, they are also generous and understand today's issues. For instance, the Homeless World Cup, which Bumrise supports every year, is an opportunity for Bumrise players to fight homelessness with their donations. In August, the community will be informed about the Homeless World Cup and invited to donate in order to change real-life homeless people's lives.

Bumrise supports actions designed to fight homelessness and encourages its community to get involved too. Each donation counts, even the small ones. Learning to help each other is a key value of the game, explains Marius Follert, co-founder of Bumrise.

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Farbflut Entertainment

Farbflut Entertainment GmbH develops and operates worldwide online games. Founders and managing directors are now 21-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The international company operates its games, e.g. the successful Pennergame, in seven languages in over 30 countries. The company located in Hamburg is socially engaged in several homeless projects and regularly donates part of its own earnings.

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