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Iron Marshal

I am excited to introduce the newest and most exclusive game, Iron Marshal which is launched by the company Hithere will begin its beta test in the coming days! Iron Marshal is a WWII strategy game, where you build up your base, fight in historic campaigns and change the course of history.  In the game you start as a simple commander of a small force of soldiers, and work your way up the chain-of-command to become the most powerful General in the world.  Iron Marshal features great graphics, historic campaigns, period costumes weapons and vehicles, as well as an exciting battle system that will keep you coming back for more.

Iron Marshal

As with every large project Hithere need to do some quality control so starting on July 18, they will begin the public beta test of Iron Marshal at their official site.  The beta is open to the public tell your friends, your parents, even your grandparents to come test our new game. You are lucky to get pretty good tokens and in-game money during the test.

The test will run for 2-3 weeks, during which time, all the testers will receive free in-game money. So you can upgrade, fight with the best equipment and really “test” the system.  Because the game is a test, none of the characters you create will carry over to the official servers.  Once the test is complete, all data will be erased from the test server D-Day and it will be closed.

To thank everyone for testing, once the test is over, the top users who took part in the beta can send their info to the company and will receive rewards in the official game.  So come give it a go, see what all the hard work recently has been going into and join the fight in the greatest war in the history of mankind!

About Hithere
Founded in 2002, HiThere is concentrated on the creation and hosting of high-quality games for the web browser. After launching multiple games in a variety of languages, HiThere has established itself as a premier webgame publisher and operator on the internet. More company information is in the official sites.



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