Dragon's Call: GameDP Ex-Community Manager Sheds Light on Staff Abuse and Mistreatment

Date: Jul 10 2011 09:33:50 Source: Press Release
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Dragon's Call

The following article was originally from Dragon's Call official forum and was written by Ex-CM Rokkumon, he has depicted the whole backstory about the fierce argument that recently going on in Dragon's Call. This argument thread "Exploiting/Bug Manipulation, Cheating?" has over two thousands views and tons of replies already. And the previous News "WarFlow Community Manager on Strike" has got a few more info about Rokkumon. Since he had write out the pretty much every dirty little things already, there's no further ado needed. Just simply read on and tell us what you think in the comment zone.

Do note: This will be posted on as many game sites that will allow it.  The community will not be silenced by abusive staff members like Kiari.

"GameDP Ex-Community Manager Sheds Light on Staff Abuse and Mistreatment"

Recently, GameDP and Everdream Studio combined two of their game's server in Dragon's Call.  The two servers, 3 & 4, were to be merged into a single server as they did with servers 1 & 2 in the past. In a show of compassion, after the two servers were merged they developers added in a "Compensation Gift Package" for players to obtain upon logging in after the server merge completion.

After the merge was completed, everything seemed like all was well; though in the shadows of Dragon's Call's world of "Stilland", there was a hideous scheme brewing. Some players quickly realized that they could create alternate characters (alts) and obtain the gift package repeatedly. At first, this doesn't seem too bad, but let us clarify with what the "Compensation Gift Package" rewarded players:


3 Days of Premium VIP Service
6 Hours of Experience Blessing
60 Irrigator Crystals
6 Magic Scroll I (Magic Scroll 1)


It was pretty generous of the developers to give the players so many rewards; though, they could not comprehend the slew of player abuse and bug exploiting that would occur over the weekend while they were not in the offices. Players began using the Irrigator Crystals and Magic Scrolls to gain Dragon Gold, the premium currency in Dragon's Call that must be paid for with real cash, and they gained loads of it. After obtaining the Dragon Gold, they would simply delete the character and remake a new character using the same e-mail address, and all of the gold previous gained would still be there.

It was reported many players gained in excess of 1000 Dragon Gold – the equivalent of about 50 U.S. Dollars.

Tens if not hundreds of players abused the bug to illegally obtain the premium currency, and still, one of those players stood out in a crowd. The player Nebulus (Server 3 / 4) had been in a long controversy with a member of the Volunteer Staff, Kiari. This volunteer member is, at the time of this writing, a Chat Moderator and Forum Moderator. Nebulus had complained about being abused by Kiari in the forum thread "GH Abuse" -

Dragon's Call

In this thread, he complains that Kiari abused him by calling him a cheater and provided a screenshot documentation of Kiari telling him in a private conversation, "I'm glad to see that you have no honor. You're a cheater and I'm hoping that Ert will get them to give you a permanent Dragon's Curse for it." Ert is ErtemisAntreri, a veteran player and member of the Chat Moderator volunteer team.

After the staff returned from their vacation, it was immediately put into motion that they would track down players that exploited the "glitch" which they, the developers, created and would permanently ban every single player and all of the accounts that were caught. The player, Nebulus, was one of those players who was brought forward and outright banned from connecting to the game and his accounts anymore.

A few days later, the Ex-Community Manager, Rokkumon, came forth and shed a new light on the situation. He posted a thread in the forum that detailed a cover up in the works. The player and volunteer staff member Kiari had been caught exploiting the bug himself. He was one to be included in those that exploited the bug for over 1000 Dragon Gold. Rokkumon provided screenshot documentation of him and the current Community Manager talking about how Kiari had been handed over to the GMs and Developers, but they refused to do anything but give Kiari a slap on the wrist and simply removed the Dragon Gold from his account.

The player community exploded. Players and volunteer staff members threatened to quit if Kiari was not dealt the same punishment as Nebulus and those other players who were banned for exploiting the bug. Soon enough, Kiari, in a blatant show of how to abuse your forum moderator privileges, quickly stashed the Ex-Community Manager's post in the archives. He was quoted as saying his reason for removing the thread from public view was, "I moved the thread because it was bad for the community at large… there were issues with players and staff threatening to quit" and "it's already caused me, my guild and everything tons of grief."

Many people did not find it fair that the GM, Adam Wu, had given a special treatment to one of the volunteer community members. Many of Nebulus' guild members and friends pledged for his return and the return of all other players banned because of a mistake that the developers had created and a situation they had brought on themselves. Now, after having mulled over the decision of a server rollback to the moment the server merge was completed and the server reopened or banning the bug exploiters, the developers choose to ban the exploiters they caught stealing from them – except one.

If a company is going to hand out punishment to their members for anything, the punishment should be dealt out equally to all those involved. It is not fair to any gaming community for certain members to be omitted from mass punishment because they provided volunteer help to the community. GameDP and Everdream Studio have brought upon them an overwhelming stench of betrayal to their community that will take a great set of actions to cleanse.

Below are screenshots of the Ex-Community Manager's original thread that were provided by the forum moderator Azaka.

Dragon's Call
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Dragon's Call
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Dragon's Call
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Originally from Dragon's Call official forum

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