When Films & TV Shows Encounter Webgames

Date: Jul 05 2011 03:34:44 Source: BBGsite
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Films & TV shows and webgames used to be two different industries. However, the development of internet binds these two irrelevant things together, making it a new market trend. As more and more webgame developers incorporate film & TV contents into their browser-based games, adaptation has become the latest and also hottest theme of online games. Then, among so many adapted webgames, who are toppers? And what are their advantages and disadvantages, compared with original works? Below are some of the excellent adaptations selected for you. I’m sure you will surely find what you like.

The Mummy Online

The Mummy Online is a brand new browser-based MMO created by famous webgame developer Bigpiont. It is adapted from a classic movie with the same name, and thanks to Unity 3D engine, this browser-based game has demonstrated excellent 3D graphics and magnificent special effects of battle scenes, which have been proved to be comparable to the original movie seen from the screenshots and videos released on its official site.

The Mummy

The Mummy Online follows the storyline of the movie, but more than just a reproduction, it continues and extends the storyline. Inside the game, fans have a better way of going deeper into the virtual world which is full of risk. As they are enjoying the beauty of Egypt, exploring the pharaohs' mausoleums, namely pyramids, players also have to use their wisdom and courage to fight monsters, a different kind of excitement. Recently, Bigpoint has released a brand new official website of The Mummy Online and revealed that it was expected to be launched officially this autumn. So guys, are you ready for this mysterious and risky journey?

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Which one do you find appeal to you most among these games?

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