Chinese Web games Market Hits 1 Billion in 2011 Q1

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The statistics made by Analysys International shows that the market scale of Chinese web games reaches 1027million yuan in the first season of 2011.

Q1 Web Games Market Scale from 2010 to 2011

The web game market enlarges rapidly in the first season affected by the seasonal factor, which mainly motivated by the transformation from traditional Internet service to the platform by the providers.

Since the providers such as Tencent, Baidu, Thunder, 360, etc(Some of China's largest Internet providers). who created the user platform, the number of new users grew obviously. Under the influence of Spring Festival, the ARPU of the users increased. At the end of the first season, several kinds of games appeared successively and the products mainly recommended by the platform changed a lot, which led to a new round of products alternation. It is predicted that the position of products ranged from NO.5 to NO.10 will change in the second season, but the market will still enlarge with the speed of over 10%.

Analysys International predicts that web games will keep up growth in the successive 3 seasons of the year 2011. Moreover, it is estimated that the web games market of 2011 will surpass the expectation while the market scale will surpass 5billion.

Study results:

The industry analysis offered by Analysys International mainly on the basis of industrial macro data, the end user quarter survey data, manufacturers’ historical data and manufacturers’ quarter business monitored information and so on. It uses the Analysys’s industry analysis model and gets the result from the market research, industry research and manufacturer research, which mainly reflects the present market situation, trend, inflection point and law and the current situation of the development of the manufacturer.

Analysys International believes that the statistics made in the way of industry research with acceptable error is able to reflect the industry trends and the change rule exactly.

About Analysys International

Analysys International was established in 2000, it is the leading provider of information product, service and solution in China internet market. Every year, by the information product EnfodeskTM , and the customized consulting service named EnfoGrowthTM, it provides data, information, and advice to the senior management around the world in the industry of the internet and information technology, telecom operator, investment organizations, government agencies, etc.. At the same time, it establishes a platform named EnfoShareTM, which by holding the industry conferences and summits, reinforcing the communication and cooperation between the innovators and the industry customers, government agencies, investment communities. And through the EnfoCapitalTM, a capital management platform of the internet era, it provides a one-stop financing service to help enterprises finance with low cost and develop better, and by its research and the professional appraisal, the investors could maximize their ROI.



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