Warriors Saga Ends Beta And Will Go Live on June 30th

Date: Jun 28 2011 07:41:06 Source: Press Release Views:
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YooGames has announced that beta stage of Warriors Saga is over and they are now ready to launch an official server!

This official Warriors Saga server, the latest MMO web game inspired by the Chinese novel 'Journey to the West', is launching on YooGames June 30th. This classic tale has been taken and reworked into an anime/cartoon style, chock full of fun and cute graphics. It focuses on pet raising, battles and interactions. Moreover, the high quality produces an attractive style with amazing stories, promising that players won't be disappointed with it.

Now that Warriors Saga will be online, all players will have a chance to win a rare pet in game. There are many wonderful prizes waiting for you, so don’t hesitate! Get ahead while you can!

Warriors Saga - Story

Ancient tales spoke of a time when people lived in harmony with the beasts, spirits and gods. On the night of the hunter's moon, an evil god led his army across the land, sparking a devastating war. As a last stand, a group of elite warriors banded together and defeated the evil god, returning peace to the land.... Now, the legendary evil rises again! Join a new generation of warriors ready to stand against the angry god once more!

Warriors Saga(YooGames)



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