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Nowadays, the market is dazzling with various browser-based games. Although most of them cannot be called “Success”, some indeed have set themselves apart from others, being the focus of the entire industry. Two of the outstanding examples are Pockie Ninja and DDTank. Why can they catch so many eyes? And which one will win if put in a top battle of “Which is more popular”?

Pockie Ninja

As an anime-themed webgame, Pockie Ninja, with its hot subject and high-quality graphics, quickly leaped up and became a blockbuster out of a bunch of browser-based games. It combines two currently-popular Japanese animes, sets ninja wars as its keynote and also creates some very cute, adorable characters which have enjoyed great support among fans.

Pockie Ninja not only provides nearly a hundred popular anime characters but also makes breakthroughs in the aspect of in-game scenes, changing them from traditional mode of “pictures plus text” to a more intuitive way of animations display, which diversifies the gaming experience. Battles are no more boring for players since they are able to enjoy the combat process and even all kinds of special effects launched by characters’ various skills.

Moreover, Pockie Ninja also subverts the traditional authority that “One character can only play one class”, and gives players a powerful outfit system. Over one hundred anime characters, along with their exclusive outfits and hidden skills, are available for players in the game. Players are also allowed to change their characters any time they want in order to experience different kinds of fun from different characters and skills.

Last but not least, there are six highlight features in Pockie Ninja, including Synthesis, Exploration, Animation Outfit, Ninjutsu Skill, World Tournament, National League. All these features, coupled with cute characters, rich gameplay and magnificent graphics, have become the magic weapons of Pockie Ninja and help it attract so many players.

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