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Free Aqua Zoo

German browser-game developer/publisher Upjers have just launched its English-language version of Free Aqua Zoo, the successful fish tank simulation for internet browsers. The game was first released in Germany on June 7th and prospered to be one of Upjers' top titles in almost no time. Within just 10 days, more than half a million players registered for Free Aqua Zoo.

Free Aqua Zoo is a free simulation browser game set in the colorful water world. As the game title suggests, it mainly focuses on freshwater fishes and most of creatures are fish basically. You mange your pond and set up your bait to hunt for fish.

Free Aqua Zoo Screenshots

Just in time for summer, Upjers' new aquarium–themed browser game will let you be in charge of your very own underwater world. Not only can you fill it with fish of your choosing, but you can also add various decorations such as coral, plants and more. In Free Aqua Zoo, there are over 40 freshwater fish, which are different both visually and temperamentally. Your main task is to ensure that your fishy friends are well-fed and well looked after. Simply by the click of a heart icon, you can give your fish a little dose of love, straight from the heart. This will keep your fish happy, smiling and full of life!

If you have something important to do, you can go with vacation mode and you will have a couple of days free in your holiday. For those who do not have enough patience to entice fish, the pet shop offers a variety of fish, but that would charge you a little money.

Should you wish to make some extra cash in the online game Free Aqua Zoo, you can sell your fish to other players at the in-game fish market. Once you have enough bait, you can go fishing in the many thriving ponds in Free Aqua Zoo! Cast your reel and wait for the fish to bite the bait, and quickly build up your collection. Join the colorful, fun and simple world of Free Aqua Zoo and make your own aquarium fill with fantastic fishes!



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