Farmerama: Colored Chickens are Coming

Date: Jun 21 2011 01:27:30 Source: BBGsite Views:
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Sure, Farmerama's big-eyed chickens are cute, but their white feathers look a little vanilla, don’t they? Starting on June 20th, you will be able to create some incredibly colorful creatures on your farm thanks to the latest addition by publishers Bigpoint.

Farmerama Screenshots

The new chicken coops should be quite the show with all the trimmings of a true party according to the example picture provided by Bigpoint. The colored chicken breeding will most definitely add some color to your farm and help you level as well.

Additionally, there is going to be some new quests available to you in the world of Farmerama. Naturally, these quests will have something to do with these crazy chickens. The quests are due to be released sometime in the coming week, you will have plenty of time to see all of the different coops that are available as you work hard to get all of the quests done in a timely manner!

This isn’t this first time that colored animals have made their way to Farmerama either. To date, there have also been colored rabbits and sheep to keep your farm fun and lively. Just imagine what might be next…



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