Age of Games Announces Endless Avatars

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Endless Avatars
In the satellite orbit of “Age of Games” a group of cockroaches with techno-magical brains is developing a new game designed to destroy the earth...

Designed in conjunction with the user profile of Age of Games "Endless Avatars" will be a browser RPG game that will allow you to create and manage an infinite number of characters.

The player will play the role of a deity who forges, trains, equips and commands his Heroes into a vast world full of adventures and battles.

Each character will have different characteristics and skills that will be managed freely by the God/player.

Key element in the game will be the aging of the heroes that seek to achieve the maximum within 100 years. Every day really will count as one year of "Endless Avatars", which is why players have 100 days to fully develop each character created. The death of a hero will not, however, mark its absolute end, his deeds will remain forever engraved on the headstone of his grave in the sacred cemetery of heroes.

Playing Endless Avatars you get experience points to the user profile of Age of Games and vice versa.

Now you can follow all updates of "Endless Avatars" on the portal Age of Games.

In order to promote, improve and expand the development of this and other projects of the portal, Age of Games have created the initiative "Supporters of the Age of Games" in which they ask users a small amount of money in exchange for a large number of games, special services and content.

Those who become a Heroic Supporter of the Age of Games during the development of "Endless Avatars", as well as having access to games and the exclusive content portal dedicated to the supporters, will be entitled to the status of "SUPREME AVATAR" free from the first day of publication.

Endless Avatars Screenshots

About "Endless Avatars"

Title: Endless Avatars
Genre: RPG
Numbers of Players: Multiplayer
Platform: PC Browser
Developer: Age of Games & Nealogic
Publisher: Age of Games
Release Date: Q4 2011
Official Website:


You are a God, a forger of Heroes, and have 100 years to win eternal glory with your "children."

What will you do?

Will you create a powerful knight, a clever murderess or a dark wizard?

In what realms you will make them travel?

In what city will they find an army?

What adventures will make them risk their life to win glory, wealth and power?

Create your own heroes and live with them in the universe of "Endless Avatars!

Game Features

The game contains the following outstanding gameplay features:

• Browser games rpg;
• Glorious Combat Multiplayer Arena;
• A new RPG Battle System;
• Every character has many special abilities and Characteristics That You Can Manage and upgrade;
• Free and Strategic management of the Character's Inventory;
• Several Weapons, Armors, special and magical objects;
• A Huge World with Endless Adventures;
• Different Hordes of Enemies.

About AOG
Age of Games is an independent portal for the development and publishing of video games. Age of games is an open creative site that wants, with the active participation of users, to build more new projects and innovative ways of interactive communication between players from around the world. At the basis of this project are the Combined Efforts of PMStudios and FoofaStudios, two dynamic Independent Italian companies working in the field of video games, educational and multimedia software.

About NeaLogic
NeaLogic is a software house based in Bari (Italy) specialized in creating web, mobile, client-server and stand-alone applications for any platform and any need. NeaLogic primarily develops software for business, videogames and innovative web solutions. NeaLogic also offers consultacy services and organizes training for public and private organizations.



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