Playdox announces its first browser-based MMORTS LaYa

Date: Jun 08 2011 07:25:35 Source: Press Release Views:
KeyWord: LaYa, MMORTS, Turn Based

Free-to-play publisher Playdox is excited to announce its first browser-based MMORTS LaYa.

The free sci-fi browsergame is set in the mysterious universe of LaYa, where the forces of the void threaten all existence. Once believed to be a place that will last for eternities, LaYa now is on the brink of its final death and only brave warriors may prevent this world from its end.

LaYa is a massively-multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) and will offer four playable races: The Voidspawn, the Frey, the Yins and the Vortzu. These amazing four races will be specialists in various aspects of warfare and provide a unique gameplay experience in turn based battles.

LaYa’s release date is set for the forth quartal of 2011 and the game will be published in English and very soon also in German. The teaser website is already online, so players looking for more information should visit the website from time to time to get a closer look to what’s going on behind the curtains.


About The Game

LaYa is a free-to-play MMORTS game from Playdox set in an seemingly eternal universe. LaYa offers an exciting gameplay where players can play one of four strategically unique races. Dominate enemies in a turn-based battle system with warriors from a diverse selection of units and structures that make up the wondrous universe of LaYa.

The mystical universe of LaYa is on the brink of its final death, hailing the denizens of the endless Void. Do you have what it takes to hold your own against the heavens and the darkness?Sign up now for more updates!




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