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Inemeri Will Finish The Closed Beta Test This Summer

Date: May 26 2011 06:33:13 Source: BBGsite.com Views:
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Inemeri: A Familier World is developed by ex-EA and November Software who try to bring the 3D graphics to SNS community games for the first time. This game will be a free-to-play social game for browsers and iOS devices. Now let’s have a look at about the general impression about this game.


There still aren’t any detailed contents about this game through official announcement. But the design of 3D graphics with high quality may convincingly be attracted the players. Inemeri uses the paying method of buying ingame advantages. It creates a background of end of the century where can players wake up in a deserted village and lose their memory. Both the atmosphere and quality of this game are made perfectly in workmanship.

The words below are quoted from the Facebook page of Inemeri which talks about the gameplay:

"We are not sharing too many details regarding the game-play at this point. But what we can say is that it is an adventure game where you will explore a beautiful 3D world and be challenged to solve various puzzles along the way with your friends."


According to the team of November Software, they claim to have collectively invented a new way to build games from the ground up and feature a new engine and plugin based around a concept of “streaming". In addition, players may see many famous electronic games such as The Legend of Zelda, Shadow of the Colossus and half-life, etc, which is the well-known games those affect their development. November Software plans to launch a closed beta test of Inemeri this summer. Volunteers are currently being accepted through its signup page. Passionate players can wait for the follow-up reports from BBGsite.



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