Korean ZIPI Unveiled 3D Online Racing Game Project BM

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The browser racing game Project BM, which is being developed by South Korea-based ZIPI studio and playable on Google Chrome, has recently released a play video, from which we can see the game employs the Unity engine and can run on PC and iPad, as well.

ByungLyang Choi, the founder of ZIPI studio, used to take charge of Kart Rider’s planning, has pointed out the greatest characteristics of Project BM: cross-platform, rich in content but easy to play and RPG features.

Project BM
Concept Art of City

Korean media also did an exclusive interview with the development team. It is pretty creative to develop this game based on Unity Engine, which enables the game to run on multiple platforms (iOS and Android). Besides, it is not common to see such a racing game with the use of Unity Engine in the browser game market. Nevertheless, South Korea has got access to high-speed broadband Internet. It is doubted whether Project BM can be operated normally in other countries as the racing game is very sensitive to Ping values.

Project BM
Project BM World

Shown as below, a lot of surprises will come forth in the course of racing, and object collision and damage will be fully presented in the game. Additionally, a variety of options related to car assembly and avatars will be offered. In terms of game graphics, they are really refreshing and wonderful. Possibly, that is because some developers are former employees of Nexon.

Project BM

Concept Arts

Project BM
Character Image

Project BM
Character Image

Project BM
Concept Art of Racetrack

Project BM
Concept Art of Racing Car

Project BM
Concept Art of Racing Car



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