Grepolis 2.0: A New Era Has Begun

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Hamburg, April 5. InnoGames has just launched the biggest Grepolis Browsergame update in its entire history. Version 2.0 opens a multitude of new features to the players. New worlds have started on the international, German, Russian and Brazilian servers, the other versions will follow soon. Prior to the release, the new version was beta-tested by a few thousand players, who have provided vital feedback.

Grepolis 2.0

Hendrik Klindworth, Managing Director of InnoGames, is positive that “Version 2.0 offers beginner and veteran Grepolis players a completely new and improved gaming experience. Gameplay-wise, the farming system was drastically revised – allowing the players to gather resources with less effort and enter the mid-game phase at a faster pace. This decreases the initial hours players have to invest in the game significantly. Graphically improvements have also been made. The diversified Island landscape and the more realistic overview of the cities dazzle the players with vibrant colors and greatly add to the quality and fresh feel of the game.”

A new strategic element of Grepolis 2.0 are the Wonders of the World: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Lighthouse, Mausoleum, Temple and The Statue of Zeus are essential factors to win a world.  In cooperation with their alliance, the players can construct Wonders, win the world match ,and open the gates to a whole new game level – The Hero World.

“Of course, we do not want to lose the players that already put a lot of effort into the game. By implementing the Hero Worlds, we offer new and exciting challenges to them”, says Mr Klindworth. “When a Grepolis World is won and thereby closed by one of the alliances after one-and-a-half to two years, all surviving players receive a special reward and also gain access to a Hero World. Those worlds are filled with exclusive game content and will challenge even the veterans of Grepolis.”

Grepolis is a strategy game with nearly eight million registered users worldwide. It is set in Ancient Greece. The game is free to play and does not require installation software. It is available in 20 different languages. Next to Grepolis, InnoGames has published major browser game titles like Tribal Wars and The West. With more than 60 million registered users, the German company belongs to the biggest developers and publishers of online games.

Grepolis 2.0
Lighthouse Grepolis 2.0
World Wonder: Temple



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