Targe Games Limited Announces Exoplanet War Official Launched

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Exoplanet War

Exo-Planet War is a completely free browser-based MMORTS online game that takes place on the Planet Xenos located in a distant galaxy light years away from our modern day planet Earth. In Exoplanet War you can play co-operatively or competitively with over 10,000 players in real time.

Exoplanet War gives you a choice of three unique intergalactic races for you to assume the role of: Play as either the Gaian’s, humanities saviours, the barbaric Zuben’s, natives of Xenos or the advanced ‘super’ race Neckrons, who wish to use the power trapped within the planet Xenos to fuel their evil empire and gain control of the planet.

Here you start off with a small, non-developed base colony on the Planet Xenos.  Use your unique strategy, diplomacy, and wisdom to strengthen your colony and compete against your opponents. Fight for Honor, Total Domination, and become the most feared Alliance now!

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Your epic journey in Exoplanet War begins with a single small, undeveloped colony on Planet Xenos, from these humble beginnings you can begin to shape your destiny as a legendary commander by building unique structures, researching new technology, recruiting talented commanders, and train loyal units by cleverly utilizing crucial resources.

Mine, trade and even rob fellow players for control of the precious materials that will become the backbone of your colony. In addition to strategy and brute strength diplomacy is also an essential skill that you will need to master in Exoplanet War if you are to become a key member or perhaps a leader of a formidable power alliance.

Take advantage of the unique branching avenues in the game and use a combination or concentration of strategy, diplomacy, and ingenuity to empower your colony and compete against your opponents in an engaging battle for honor and the prestige of becoming most feared Alliance in the galaxy!

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Game Features

  • Battle As a commander you were born to rule. Lead your subjects into battle; raise the stakes and the intensity on your opponents and take down all those foolish enough to stand in your way.
  • Fight against dangerous creatures of the wilderness
    • With an over world that generates randomly over time and creatures inhabiting specific terrain you’ll run into a diverse range of untamed Xenos beasts that will fight to the death to protect the crucial resources of their land. Explore the vast planet and find new and exciting enemies with your expeditions into the unknown generously rewarded.
  • Battle with real players
    • There is never just one way to tackle the opposition in Exoplanet War; providing you have the right personnel at your disposal you can choose from a variety of options to defeat your opponents.
    • Become the ultimate espionage hero and spy on your enemies to obtain vital Intel on their colonies to plan your next attack.
    • Get lost in mythology and role play as Robin Hood and rob crucial resources from your foes colony… only this time the spoils are all yours!
    • Or simply use your brute strength to breach the enemy’s defenses, invading and capturing their colonies citizens and add them to your ranks.
    • Of course direct action isn’t always the best form of resolution and apart from attacking enemies directly you can also help your alliance members by sending an army to station within their colony and take advantage of our unique Garrison System that aids the player in combat by taking into account a variety of attributes that will greatly affect the battle result.
  • Play with worldwide users - There are thousands of players from everywhere in the world. Build your armies and battle with them to become the TOP ranked player and alliance.
  • Develop – Build up your own space colony with unique structures.
  • Research – Various technologies are available for researching to improve the space colony and military performance.
  • Units – 30+ different units, categorized in Infantries, Air Forces and Vehicles, can be developed in game. You can form your unique armies to rob resources, invade colonies, and rule the planet.
  • Commander – Commanders boost morale as well as the overall fighting power of the army. Train them up and assign them to armies to strengthen your military force.
  • Missions – Challenging missions which comes with special bonus and resources rewards are available every day.
  • Alliance – Form your own alliance or join a powerful one that will certainly bring you more enjoyment. The completely new Alliance Store System makes player's contribution to the alliance worthwhile. Leaders can reward special exclusive items to contributive players.
  • Staying one step ahead of the competition, Exoplanet War goes further than other browser based games offering the player an exclusive Alliance Store where leaders can purchase premium items to give to their ranking members by using the collective Alliance Gold.  It’s not just leaders who can earn the alliance this valuable gold, every member can help in the lucrative process by successfully completing daily missions.

Exoplanet War Screenshots

The Exoplanet War Story

In the third millennia, a hundred year old conflict threatens to rip apart a distant universe as three different civilizations fight to obtain the powerful Xeno element that lies deep within the core of the Planet Xenos.
With the unfathomable power of the Xeno within mere touching distance this bloody and brutal war is nearing it’s climax but who will gain control and obtain their ultimate goal of becoming the most powerful race in the universe?

For more information about Exoplanet War, please visit the official Exoplanet War website at
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