Pockie Ninja Open Beta Test Date Confirmed!

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Pockie Ninja

Players engaged in the closed beta phase of NGames' anime-inspired browser-based brawler, Pockie Ninja, are praising the game its unique gameplay experience and artist styling. And the open beta test will come on March 25th.

Publisher NGames have revealed that Pockie Ninja, their browser-based brawler inspired by fan favourite anime, is receiving plenty of positive feedback from its closed beta players.

Posting reviews through a newly opened "writing contest", players' key points of praise have focused on Pockie Ninja's gorgeous visuals and intuitive UI, which replicate a triple-A quality brawler design; as well as the unique and casual approach to character levelling, and the variety of ways the game can be experienced. 

Anime fans are drooling over the Naruto/Bleach designs and special moves that Pockie Ninja offers, stating that the instantly recognisable characters and abilities, mixed with the quality of the in-game battle animations, have engaged them from the moment they started playing. 

Budding ninjas are also bowled over by the casual approach to Pockie Ninja's gameplay, thanks to NGames installing a number of systems to help automate character progression while you're away from your browser. One such example proving popular with users is the “training hall”, where you can leave your character on 'auto combat' to earn exp while not playing, meaning you return to a stronger Ninja on your next login. Handy for players with little time to invest in the game who wish to avoid getting left behind. 

The majority of the closed beta reviews are quick to point out Pockie Ninja's accessibility, which is enhanced by the key ability to freely change a character's build while playing, including it's look, skills and stats. This none-rigid approach to character progression is keeping everyone fixated on Pockie Ninja, whatever their playing style may be.

The plethora of user-customisable options on offer, such as the ability to freely change a character's class, or “School of Ninja”, can completely modify your tactics and in-game abilities.Mixed with the staggering amount of skill and item combinations on offer, players are provided with tons of possibilities and variety when equipping themselves for Pockie Ninja's adventures. 

Wacky world of the ninja 

Closed beta players are quickly discovering that the world of Pockie Ninja is anything but serious, thanks to some of the weird and wonderful encounters that NGames have tucked away in the Naruto-esque brawler. 

Players are finding that even the monks are keeping it fun, although this is one Monk who likes his fun a little too frisky – leaving him wide open for a beat down in the process! 

Buddhist Monk's live by the notion that "Form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form", but this rather horny Monk, who resides on the 50th floor of the Las Noches building (one of Pockie Ninja's in-game challenges) seems to have completely forgotten his training fundamentals, thanks to the sight of a beautiful, naked woman enchanting him. 

Players have tried everything to help the Monk beat his fixation, from water-release bathings to fire-release grills. But, no matter how hard they try, the Monk can't seem to get his mind straight.. 

Alas, it's too late to save this horny monk and, once he's fixated on the sexy female form, he's yours for the taking. Advice – always keep a naked woman by your side, you never know when you might need her (..for keeping monks at bay.) 

Open Beta Coming Soon! 

If you have a browser and a penchant for wacky encounters, skill-based battles, unprecedented user-customisation and anime-inspired madness, be sure to get involved with Pockie Ninja's upcoming open beta phase. 

NGames will be opening the game to all interested users on March 25th

More details on the open beta announcement will follow in the coming days. 

Pockie Ninja! 

“Pockie Ninja” focuses on the unique life and journey of a ninja, entrusted with defeating the world's most evil and destructive warrior corporations. 

Deep in the thorn forest behind the mist of Angel City lays Demon City, a heavily guarded waste land once known for housing the world's most evil warriors. 

300 years ago, the evil warriors formed a formidable army - led by the wickedest Demon to ever roam the world - attacking affluent villages in a bid to control the world.

Eventually defeated by Master of the Ninja, the supreme leader of Angel City, the evil warriors, along with their mystic Ninjitsu and a secret plot, were buried, sealed and thought never to return...until now. 

Restless souls in Demon City have awakened and broken free of the seal, escaping the guarded city. 

By using forbidden ninjutsu on innocent animals, turning them into puppet warriors, the evils plan to invade Angel City, release their leader and rule the world again. The abuse of forbidden ninjutsu has caused rapid environment deterioration, washing and rocking the land with tsunamis and earthquakes. 

As the last hope of the world and the 'chosen one', players needs to embrace the ways of the ninja, protect Angel City and restore the natural balance of order, utilizing extraordinary ninja skills along the way. 



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